Daesung SmartHive Introduces New Innovative Beekeeping Products: Smarthive Beekeeping Sensor, Wasp Trap, and Hive Controller

SEOUL, South Korea, May 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Daesung SmartHive, a smart beekeeping brand that makes beekeeping easier, has introduced a beekeeping smart sensor (temperature, humidity sensor, and automatic feeding-watering device).

Daesung SmartHive Introduces New Innovative Beekeeping Products: Smarthive Beekeeping Sensor, Wasp Trap, and Hive Controller.

SmartHive Beekeeping Smart Sensor is a product that can be used in all seasons, and consists of an ‘automatic warming device’ and an ‘automatic specification feeding-watering device’ to continuously observe, maintain, and conveniently use the growing environment of bees. It is a smart beekeeping product that enables integrated management of bee growth environments in dozens to hundreds of hives, such as setting the environment inside the hive through electronic control and feeding-watering through a smartphone app (waterer compatible).

With the Daesung SmartHive beekeeping smart sensor, you can check, manage, and control temperature and humidity, as well as use functions such as air circulation, entrance control, and feeding in the hive to suit your beekeeping situation.

The product will make beekeeping more convenient than the traditional beekeeping method by eliminating cumbersome temperature and humidity control, and will reward beekeepers with a clear increase in yield.

In addition, Daesung SmartHive has a wide range of products that can help beekeepers in innovative ways.

The wasp trap is an eco-friendly ESG product that does not use any attractant such as fermented liquid.

The existing attractant-based wasp traps do not selectively attract only wasps, but also attract and kill all insects around the trap, causing great damage to the insect ecosystem.

The wasp trap utilizes the wasp’s habit of following bees when installed at the entrance of the hive. Once inside the trap, the wasps are trapped in the frame, and the bees are free to find their way into the hive safely and freely through the bee pathway.

This eliminates the need to be present at the apiary to manually remove wasps, reducing costs for labor and other control products.

The Hive Controller is a portable smart beekeeping system that safely takes out honeycombs from beehives, brushes bees and stacks honeycombs outside beehives in approximately a minute.

It boasts a lightweight of 9kg without corrosion, and even a novice can use it alone to extract honey as its operation method is simple. Furthermore, it can be used for any beehives with identical widths though their sizes are different. For the power supply, both an adapter and battery pack (optional) can be used.

Using this automated hive controller, beekeeping farms in Korea could reduce working time by 50% compared to the existing products, and it enabled one to extract honey alone.

As two brushes attached inside the equipment and their front/rear covers can be easily removed, one can clean and sanitize them in a speedy and convenient way after use.

And its waterproof feature allows one to wash inside the product with water.

Daesung CEO Mr. Jung said, “We expect to be able to help beekeeping farmers who are suffering from the recent disappearance of bees.”

Meanwhile, Daesung SmartHive, founded in 2016, has been recognized for its products and technologies in various places such as the CES fair in Korea and the United States, and has signed MOUs with companies and institutions in Spain, the United Kingdom, and Uzbekistan to enter the overseas market in earnest, and will participate in domestic and foreign agricultural equipment fairs to showcase its products offline.