Daesung Smart Beekeeping Products Procurement Agency’s innovative products to expand the distribution to the private sector

Benefits of pilot projects and subsidies for domestic beekeepers will be available.

SEOUL, South Korea, Oct. 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Daesung Smart Hive products, which introduced innovative beekeeping products, are causing a stir in the Korean beekeeping industry.

Daesung Smart Hive Product line Smarthive Beekeeping System, Plasma Ozone storage, Hornet Trap, Hive Controller

Daesung, which makes portable beekeeping automation devices, introduces various products that change beekeeping work, which was done manually and traditionally, into a modern way, and anyone can enjoy smart beekeeping.

The products introduced by Daesung include Wasp detectors, Automated beekeeping gate, Hive Controller, Hornet Trap, Plasma ozone storage, and Smart beekeeping systems.

Wasp detector and Automated Beekeeping gate are special technologies of Daesung Smarthive, and are highly functional products that can be blocked by beekeeping gate-opening machines if they detect wasps, which are external invaders.

Wasp detectors detect wasps approaching the hive and send alarms to cell phones and tablet PCs. It can detect and track several wasps at the same time. It can be detected around a 3m radius in which this product is installed. If honeybees and wasps are mixed, only wasps can read it.

Automated Beekeeping gate can check the temperature and humidity in real time and automatically adjust the entrance of the honeycomb.

It is a product that can be applied to various beekeeping environments because it can control multiple honeycomb at once or step by step, not just one honeycomb.

The operation method of the beekeeping gate switch is designed in the vertical opening and closing method, so it can be used without interference with surrounding beehives. In addition, it is possible to reduce the hassle of checking and managing beehives one by one in moving beekeeping or winter. This product is a breakthrough product that can save labor-intensive beekeeping farmers.

Hive controller is a portable beekeeping robot that can withdraw hives from beehives, shake bees safely, and even load outside. It drastically reduces the weight so that a woman in her 80s can lift it with one hand and is made of light materials that it can be conveniently used outdoors.

Daesung Auto-Deviation Machine, which won the Robotics Innovation Award at CES last year, is an innovation product registered by the Public Procurement Service and a total of 60 units were delivered to Jeongeup-si, Gochang-gun, and Buan-gun, Jeollabuk-do in October this year.

Hornet Trap, an eco-friendly ESG product, is a product that can be installed at the entrance of each individual hive to safely protect the hive by using the habit of wasp without using a separate attraction such as fermentation liquid. Because wasps can be caught without having to reside in beekeepers, it can reduce the time required for capture, labor, and other costs for purchasing pest control products.

In the case of conventional wasp capture, it adversely affects the natural ecosystem by attracting and killing all insects around the bee farm, not only wasps selectively attracting

Plasma ozone storage is an eco-friendly technology product that greatly improves the effectiveness of sterilization, disinfection, and odor removal.

It is effective in removing Varroa mites, Aethina tumida, bacteria and insecticides through sterilization and disinfection of bacteria, viruses, and harmful substances by storing contaminated objects inside the reservoir during the beekeeping process.

Previously, beekeepers incinerated contaminated beehives every time when pests and diseases such as honeybee mites and small beehives occurred, resulting in great atmospheric and financial losses. However, when using the plasma ozone storage, beehives can be recycled and used without incineration, and eco-friendly effects such as reducing carbon dioxide generation can also be obtained.

Plasma ozone technology applied to storage can be used for sterilization and odor removal not only in beekeepers but also in livestock farms (waste farms, waste farms, fertilizer compost fields, pigtails, etc.).

The smart beekeeping system uses special materials such as flexible carbon-based heating elements to provide similar effects to heat sources generated from bees, and can greatly help maintain the growth environment of bees through effects such as far-infrared rays. The system is a smart beekeeping device that enables integrated management of honeybee growth environments in dozens to hundreds of beehives, including automatic specifiers, water supply control, and internal bee environment settings through apps.

These products will also conduct overseas crowd-funding such as Kickstarter and Indigogo from November to December this year.

Daesung, a leader in smart agriculture, has products and technologies that can solve long-term preservation problems such as air environment pollution, livestock odor, and agricultural product corruption as well as beekeeping automation. As an automatic agricultural machinery manufacturing and software (SW) development company, Daesung plans to introduce reliable technologies, automated agricultural machinery for beekeeping, and robots for beekeeping so that non-professionals and beginners can easily beekeeping.