Daejeon O-World, a fantasy world revived with cutting-edge science and technology that pioneered VR for the first time in the Republic of Korea

DAEJEON, South Korea, Sept. 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — O-World, a theme park in Daejeon, South Korea, has just built ‘Night Universe’, which uses cutting-edge digital lighting, and is presenting a science theme park that merges science with Daejeon’s urban identity. It is a media art and content theme park that employs the latest digital media technology to provide a range of sights and entertainment by establishing a distinctive viewing area for the nighttime.


To create a fascinating night view, state-of-the-art lighting such as LEDs and unique storytelling is used in ‘Flower Land’. Moreover, ‘Night Universe’, a theme park that uses O-World digital communication technology, is a first-of-its-kind facility among Korean theme parks that offers various services using advanced communication technology, such as Korea’s first VR safari experience, metaverse VR healing service, and AR stamp tour.

The existing Daejeon O-World was created in nature and is a theme park where the entire family can enjoy the combined ‘Zoo Land + Flower Land + Joy Land‘. It is made up of three theme parks and is meant to provide tourists with more efficient, experiential activities. Each new themed garden with a floral and water theme is complemented with a landscape where visitors can experience a beautiful feast of light, pleasing the five senses.

Inside O-World there are basic information desks, restrooms, and restaurant corners where visitors can have a nice rest and a variety of meals. It offers visitors the pleasure and convenience of a stroller rental service for newborns, a nursing/diaper exchange facility, a lost and found shelter, pet storage, baggage storage, and medical disability services.

‘Joy Land’ features 19 different types of rides, including thrill rides, family rides, children’s rides, and special adventures, as well as a four-season sledding hill. Bird Land is a site where you can experience and see unique birds and parrots, while Flower Land features 26 themed amenities, including a sheltered plaza and an outdoor performance theater.

The Sound Garden, where visitors can see and hear the vibrations and noises of flowers and branches created by the strength of wind while strolling around the garden, offers a time of healing in nature. In ‘Flower Land’, there are resting spaces such as waterside terraces and observation decks where visitors can enjoy comfortable leisure and pleasant viewing.