Cyrusher Kommoda — the First Newly Designed Step-Through Ebike for 2022, Breaking the Mold of Previous Designs

SHENZHEN, China, Sept. 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In the electric bike industry, the courage to upgrade and experiment with innovation is an important factor in meeting the needs of users. In September 2022, the electric fat tire bicycle brand Cyrusher launched its new model Kommoda step electric bicycle and officially launched the US, UK, EU and Japanese markets.

Cyrusher electric bike kommoda step-though ebikeThe debut of the Kommoda breaks the design mold of the brand’s previous models with a low step-through frame design for rider straddling and an irresistibly unique look that appeals to consumers in all segments.

The appearance of the new model Kommoda is the first step in the brand’s effective attempt to move toward a more diverse design of e-bikes in 2022. After the brand introduced the model in online media and platform sales, Kommoda is being examined by the general public and professional electric bicycle platforms.

It is confident enough to conquer the rigorous and meticulous scrutiny of experienced judges. It is also highly recognized among cycling enthusiasts for the perfection of its performance configuration and the new step-through frame design.

Cyrusher Kommoda’s sleek and innovative design is both classic and innovative. Step-through bike frames are not uncommon, but Kommoda has made a classic remake of the step-through electric bike frame and equipped it with fat tires to make it overall look more chic and innovative.

The new model’s design conveys the vitality and emotion of Cyrusher’s electric bikes, guiding the brand’s future innovation in model designs. It also reflects the manufacturer’s relentless pursuit of meeting the needs of different types of riders, creating fun-to-use personal mobility products, and offering people new lifestyle ideas.

With the brand’s persistence and the newly designed look of Kommoda, it effectively blends the traditional step-through frame and fat tires on the market, presenting consumers with a fully functional and unique electric fat tire bike.

Meeting the Changing Needs of Customers with Comfort

Kommoda is named after the word “comoda”, which means “comfort” in Spanish. Comfort is a critical attribute in the design of this low-step fat-tire electric mountain bike.

The Kommoda embodies the latest Cyrusher design features: a comfortable and convenient step-through frame structures, fat tires for all terrains, a full suspension with front and rear shock absorbers for rider stability, an illuminated headlight, and brake light for night riding, and a color display.

These designs are closely tied to the core of the Cyrusher brand, allowing each Cyrusher electric fat-tire bike to be a vivid image of the brand’s insistence on presenting interesting products to its customers, both in terms of basic configuration and appearance.

The new step-through frame structure is designed to attract more attention from cyclists and enhance the “must-have” psychological feeling with the perfect configuration and fashionable appearance, quietly allowing consumers to change and gain a new lifestyle.

Breakthrough Upgrade to Give Customers a New Riding Experience

At the beginning of the low-step design, most Cyrusher brand electric bikes appeared in the market with a step-through structure. As the manufacturer strived to create the most satisfying products for its customers, those who loved Cyrusher gave the brand many suggestions. Developing new products in response to customer requests became a significant motivation for the brand.

After listening to and accepting customer input, Cyrusher introduced the Kommoda model to meet the needs of customers who wanted the right electric bike for their loved ones, creating the Kommoda as a couple’s model with other larger Cyrusher models, such as the Cyrusher XF900 step-over electric bike.

The Kommoda’s frame structure uses a step-through construction combined with fat tires for off-road uses, solving the problem of difficult straddle riding for riders with smaller frames or limited mobility. Unlike the diamond-shaped structure of the step-through with a top tube, the new model has a triangular frame structure with a lower center of gravity, allowing the rider to control the steering performance and stability during the ride. The new design breaks through the limitations of the previous frame and allows more and more customers of the electric bike brand to have a unique riding experience.

Kommoda’s Unique Features

The Cyrusher electric bike brand’s refreshed Kommoda has a very bright appearance. It represents a new power for Cyrusher to break the inherent design pattern and appear in the electric bike market. So what kind of unique style does it possess, and what kind of new experience does it bring consumers?


The newly designed model Kommoda has a motorcycle-style front suspension that can be turned on and off in different riding situations. There is also a spring-loaded rear suspension for customers to add efficient protection for the lower back. The full suspension configuration is designed to give consumers more confidence and can reflect the brand’s focus on comfortable riding features and emphasis on user-friendly product features.

Frame design

The 6061 aluminum alloy full suspension frame with a low-step structure is the focus of the brand’s new design. The low-step design means that the manufacturer always puts most people’s satisfaction first. Among the types of lifestyles that are close to nature, outdoor sports are a more common choice. The new step-through structure is more focused on connecting the rider to the comfort and convenience of outdoor activities, breaking away from the diamond-shaped geometry of the previous product, and integrating the passion for sports and a safer and more convenient way of straddling the frame in a design that meets the different needs of different height riders of electric mountain bikes riding on the frame structure.

Fat Tire

Like its previous models, the Kommoda uses fat tires, but the difference is that the new design has 20″ x 4″ tires, which are smaller than the tires on the brand’s other models. This design is compatible with the lower-step frame. This means that the fat tire model also satisfies Cyrusher electric bike riders in an all-terrain environment with just as good traction. The combination of a step-through frames and fat tires is also the soul of Cyrusher’s new design.

Cyrusher Global Electric Bike Brand

Cyrusher is constantly pushing the envelope.

Until now, the electric bicycle has experienced eight years of continuous optimization and update as well as creative design to get more and more fans who love to ride.

Headquartered in Shenzhen, China’s Silicon Valley, the company has distribution centers in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Japan. It also offers offline store test rides in several countries, including the US, UK and France.

The brand’s bikes are also internationally tested for quality and meet CE, UL, Rhos and FCC standards. The brand name is also registered and recognized in Australia, China, the EU, Japan, Korea, and the US.

The Cyrusher team, with its meticulous professionalism, relentless efforts, and perseverance, has always given back to every customer who loves Cyrusher with quality products and attentive services, constantly advancing the idea of going out of the country into the world and getting long-term development.

The growth of the brand is the same as cycling, to keep the balance, it is necessary to keep moving forward. Cyrusher Kommoda’s new design takes a new step forward in 2022, as the Cyrusher electric fat bike brand opens the door to international growth by offering quality personal mobility products and attentive service with the utmost sincerity in exchange for the trust of its customers.

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