Cyient celebrates innovation with 5500 innovators across 76 countries collaborating for CyientifIQ Innovation League

HYDERABAD, India, Dec. 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Cyient, a global Intelligent Engineering, and Technology Solutions company, is excited to announce the winners of its Ultimate Innovation Challenge — The CyientifIQ Innovation League – Global Hackathon 2023.

More than 5,500 innovators representing 404 colleges from 76 countries participated in this league to address challenges around three themes: Designing Digital Enterprises, Building Intelligent Products and Platforms, and Solving Sustainability Issues.

The following teams were declared winners of the CyientifIQ Innovation League – Global Hackathon 2023:

Grand Prize Winner & Ultimate Champion: Decadex 2.0 – Automated Solution for AI Powered Analytics (Aditya Pal Singh, Mayank Bansal, Abhinav Narang and Aditya Gupta)

CyientifIQ Champion: Sains-Digital: Digitalizing the Laboratory with Machine Vision (Danny Ismarianto Ruhiyat)

High Potential Winner: Linear Programming Demand Supply Optimiser with EV Tour Optimization (Sayash Raaj)

CyientifIQ Value Innovation Prize – Designing Digital Enterprises: AI Enabled Open Source Sales Call Analytics Tool (Ankan Bera, Gaurav Shirude, Shanoli Pal)

CyientifIQ Value Innovation Prize – Building Intelligent Products and Platforms: Monitus AI (Pranav Satish, Sreehari S, Richard Joseph, Akhil Binoy Vettical)

CyientifIQ Value Innovation Prize – Solving Sustainability Challenges: Mitigating Partial Shading Issues on PV System Configurations Using AI ML (Dhruv Dua, Dhariya Raj, Yash Pengoria)

The ground-breaking solutions developed by the innovators demonstrated the power of AI, Digital, Cloud, and Analytics towards solving problems that matter to customers, society, and the planet.

Apart from cash prizes totaling $21K USD, the hackathon provided a platform for participants to test their creative thinking, problem-solving abilities, and programming skills. The winners also get mentoring opportunities with Cyient’s CXOs.

“The CyientifIQ Innovation League represents the spirit of co-innovation and provided a platform for innovators to showcase their skills and highlight ingenuity, imagination, and technical capabilities. We now look forward to our next hackathon in 2024,” said, Rajaneesh Kini, President and Chief Technology Officer, Cyient.

“CyientifIQ stands for Cyient forum for innovation quotient. Through our Global hackathon, we tapped into the collective innovation of innovators towards Designing Tomorrow Together and apply their imagination to solve problems that matter to industries we serve, communities we support, and the planet we want to preserve,” said Meenu Bagla, Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Cyient.

“IBM is a proud sponsor of CyientifIQ Innovation League – Global Hackathon 2023. IBM recognizes the invaluable role these events play in fostering innovation, collaboration, and pushing the boundaries of what is possible,” said Betty George Director of Partner Development, IBM Channels Ecosystem

Other partners, Microsoft, and T-Hub, were also instrumental in the success of our hackathon. Their commitment to nurturing creativity and pushing the boundaries of technological possibilities played a crucial role in the event’s success.

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