CyberLogitec signed a contract for ALLEGRO, integrated shipping operation solution, implementation with Japanese shipping liner Kambara Kisen

SEOUL, South Korea , Aug. 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — CyberLogitec, the leading provider of maritime, port/terminal, and logistics operations technologies, announced that the delivery contract with Kambara Kisen Co., Ltd. For four solutions, including ALLEGRO has been officially made on 9th July 2023, and its signing ceremony has been held at CyberLogitec’s headquarter on 18th July 2023.

Sungjun Kim, Vice President of Solution Operation Group in CyberLogitec and Toshiki Iwai, Director of the Container Ship Business Unit in Kambara Kisen

Implementing solutions for Kambara Kisen would be the following four solutions: ALLEGRO, which is an integrated shipping operation solution that supports digital transformation, including the adoption of the latest operation system and process, OPUS Stowage Prime, which is added an automated stowage planning function, CARA, which offers schedule sharing that covers strategic cooperation between various shipping lines, sharing slot capacity and decision making for slot price and SmartLink which includes expanded data integration service.

Kambara Kisen has been using CyberLogitec’s OPUS Container, OPUS Stowage, and SmartLink since 2013, and it has decided to renew the implementation of next-generation digital integration solutions of CyberLogitec which are applied the latest processes to respond to international shipping legal obligations which are becoming strict and complicated and needs of the global shipping market. Implementation of contacted ALLEGRO will be completed by MAR 2024, and data integration of four solutions will enhance visibility and efficiency for shipping liners and provide refined and more meaningful data.

“It’s been almost ten years since Kambara Kisen began coorperating with CyberLogitec. Because of CyberLogitec’s excellent product and the dedication of its employees, we could solely concentrate on our work. We also looking forward to having the opportunity to collaborate on your good company’s next-generation solutions that have advanced further again in the future.” said Toshiki Iwai, Director of the Container Liner department in Kambara Kisen.

“It’s a great honor to collaborate again with Kambara Kisen. CyberLogitec provides shipping consulting service to respond rapidly changing market demand based on innovative technology and offers flexible and scalable solutions. Our solutions are expected to contribute to Kambara Kisen to provide enhanced customer service and flexible operation management.” said Sung Jun Kim, Vice President of Solution Operation Group in CyberLogitec.