Custom-Made for Taiwanese Users! iMyFone’s Text-to-Speech Tool Voxbox Reshapes the Future of Communication

TAIPEI, Sept. 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On September 11, 2023, iMyFone unveiled iMyFone Voxbox, an artificial intelligence (AI) voice synthesis and speech-to-text (STT) tool. As AI gains traction across diverse sectors, AI-based text-to-speech (TTS) has become an essential tool for multimedia creators, from film production to online publishing, as it makes it easy to translate text into natural-sounding speech. TTS amplifies the richness of multimedia transmissions, resulting in enhanced narratives and data dissemination. With AI voiceover technologies, multimedia professionals can quickly convert large amounts of text to voice, saving precious time and labor and allowing them to focus more on content creation.

There is a pronounced demand among users for a reliable tool that seamlessly converts text into natural-sounding speech. Users have specific requirements in terms of the quality of synthesized voice, as well as the ability to generate various languages and dialects. This tool meets these requirements by converting text into smooth and lifelike speech.

The availability of Voxbox aims to fill the demand gap in the market. Compatible with both Windows and Mac platforms, this software offers a vast repertoire of over 200 voices for TTS and STT functionalities, facilitating seamless bidirectional interchange between text and audio. Images and PDFs can also be converted to speech supplemented by verbatim transcriptions. Additionally, Voxbox is equipped with recording capabilities and format conversion features.

Features of iMyFone Voxbox

1. AI-enhanced TTS capabilities

Users can convert text to speech in just one simple step, which is especially invaluable for individuals with visual impairments, those experiencing screen fatigue from prolonged reading, or those who prefer to listen to content. Advanced TTS applications can provide engaging and informative video voices suitable for diverse audiences and use cases. The ability to freely modify the tempo, tone, and pitch offers a fresh perspective on education, promotion, and entertainment.

2. Multimedia-to-text capabilities

The Image/Audio/Video to Text feature facilitates effortless transcription from images, audio or video recordings, ideal for capturing content during meetings and presentations. This ensures important content isn’t overlooked, while streamlining the exchange of information. By negating the necessity for laborious manual note-taking, participants can focus on the highlights of the meeting. The benefit of this feature is its versatility, whether it is academic seminars, business conferences or educational lectures, serving as an indispensable tool for effective information management. Both Taiwanese and Cantonese are supported.

3. Customized voice synthesis

Harnessing robust audio synthesis capabilities, creativity in areas such as music, film and advertising is unrestricted by geographic location or device. Digital tools enable efficient and precise production, giving artists complete control over every aspect of the sound. This control drives experimentation and innovation, encouraging the exploration of new sound effects and mixing techniques.

Key attributes of iMyFone Voxbox VTT Software:

Intuitive interface: iMyFone Voxbox is very easy to use and does not require any professional skills. Simply enter your text and Voxbox will convert it into authentic and dynamic audio, enlivening your communications and enriching your content delivery.

Multilingual support: With the help of iMyFone Voxbox, you can translate Traditional Chinese, English, or other languages, making information accessible to a broader audience.

Customization: iMyFone Voxbox also allows users to fine-tune their voice attributes and inflections, ensuring that each audio output mirrors the intended sentiment and flair.

Cross-platform compatibility: Whether used on Windows or Mac computers, iMyFone Voxbox can seamlessly adapt to a wide range of devices and enable TTS anytime, anywhere.


Education: Teachers can use iMyFone Voxbox to provide students with a more engaging classroom experience, making learning more vivid.

Business communication: Businesses can use iMyFone Voxbox to create vibrant advertising content that amplifies audience engagement and attracts more customers.

Inclusive accessibility: Helping individuals with visual impairments access websites and information, ensuring a genuinely inclusive digital experience.

Everyday conversations: Users can use iMyFone Voxbox to convert messages to speech, making communication more convenient and saving time.

In Taiwan, iMyFone Voxbox’s TTS solution is gaining traction, empowering users with enriched expressive capabilities and elevating the caliber of interactions. Whether you’re an educator, a business executive or a general user, iMyFone Voxbox has everything you need to innovate the way you communicate by turning every word into a living sound.

About iMyFone and Voxbox

iMyFone stands at the forefront of the digital solutions landscape, offering specialized software tools for iOS, Android, and desktop platforms. They boast a diverse product lineup, including tools for LINE data migration, Windows/Mac data restoration, and Apple system optimization. Engineered with intuitive interfaces, their solutions ensure streamlined user experiences. By harnessing state-of-the-art technologies, iMyFone commits to crafting software that epitomizes both performance and user-centric design. Recognized and respected in the industry, the company has garnered accolades from various segments and maintains a solid reputation among numerous authoritative media entities.

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