‘Cun Chao’: The Fiery Soccer Frenzy of Summer in China

BEIJING, Nov. 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — ‘Cun Chao’, a sporting event that has become a hot topic on the Internet and in the minds of the Chinese public this summer, has been hailed as a tournament that has surpassed the Chinese Football Super League. The Village Super League is a self-organized soccer tournament for people in villages, with players including local drivers, workers, traders and ordinary students. Held in Rongjiang County, Guizhou Province, this village soccer tournament has attracted the attention of the official media, social media platforms and even overseas celebrities, with an exciting live atmosphere and amazing goal-scoring moments bringing it into the limelight.

Located in Guizhou Province, Rongjiang County is home to 15 ethnic groups, with ethnic minorities making up more than 83% of the population. According to local government statistics, the average number of spectators at Village Super matches has exceeded 10,000, on par with China’s professional league, the Chinese Super League. For spectators, the Village Super League is more than just a soccer match.

Diao Yong and Han Yongkun are two old friends who have worked together in the advertising field for many years. Seeing that the Village Ultra is not only an exciting sporting event, but also a far-reaching rural activity for all, they decided to do something about it. With more partners on board, the Art Toilet Project was born, and they decided to create a practical public facility for the local community through artistic expression.

In less than a month, they successfully planned, designed and built ten unique art public toilets, which were implemented by Diao Yong’s creative brand ‘Oh Not Gallery’ in conjunction with several advertising and creative companies. These public toilets not only have practicality, but also incorporate artistic elements, attracting a large number of tourists and media attention. From the art public toilet project, people can not only feel the beauty of art, but also experience the creativity in the earth and people’s hearts grow touched. The artist who cooperated with the project, Mr. Zha Songgang, was involved in the whole process from the preliminary design to the construction of the building, ‘It really wasn’t easy.The project was almost a month long.The major problem in the whole process was to translate this artistic expression into real thing. There are all sorts of engineering and technical problems to be solved to really make it easy for everyone.’

After weeks of design, fabrication and construction, the artistic public toilets were officially opened for free use on July 21, becoming an organic part of the Village Premier Arena. These public toilets are full of creativity and cover a wide range of themes, from sci-fi minimalist style to traditional non-heritage elements, and even a double room special edition.These artistic public toilets not only addressed the practical needs of visitors during ‘Cun Chao’, but also sparked heated discussions on social media. The success of the project demonstrated the ingenious combination of creativity and practicality, injecting vitality into this summer.

Hosted by: Rongjiang County Bureau of Culture, Oh Not Gallery

Co-organized by: Inn Hotel, Tian Yu Kong, Atunit, ATBunit, Sesame & Watermelon, Xing Chi Advertising, 24H Studio | 24 Hours, Ding ZhiZhu

Architectural Consultants:  Chen Guodong from Wu Ming Architecture Workshop, Zhang Yingwu from Kai Wu Design, Yi Du

Art Consultant: Zha Songgang

Supported by: ShuYing DIGITALING