Crowdworks registers its first US patent

SEOUL, South Korea, Aug. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Crowdworks (CEO Park Min-woo), an Artificial Intelligence (AI) training data platform company, recently announced that it had completed the registration of a US patent for ‘Technology for AI target training image sampling’.

This technology is related to sampling the target training image from the video. It provides a method of sampling the target training frame image of the video for AI image learning that can minimize time and cost in the pre-processing.

In case of using this patented technology, only necessary data can be selected when selecting learning data, and it is possible to accurately measure the amount of change in the learning object by separating the target object and the background. This technology of Crowdworks was recognized for its excellence and was quickly registered through the Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) system.

Crowdworks is the largest patent holder in the data labeling technology field in Korea, applying for over 130 domestic and foreign technology patents essential to the advancement of data labeling technology and securing market competitiveness.

A total of 50 domestic and foreign patent applications and registrations were completed last year alone, including 18 new domestic patent applications, 20 domestic registered patents, 11 new international patent applications and 5 international registered patents. Crowdworks has 9 Japanese patent registrations and 5 applications, such as the pre-processing inspection method and the Autonomous driving training image extraction method.

Starting with the first US patent registration this year, the strategy is to continuously secure US patents and enter the North American market in earnest.

Crowdworks’ CEO Park Min-woo said, “As competition in the domestic and global data labeling market intensifies, it is essential to secure technology-oriented competitiveness.” And he continued; “We are going to lead the global AI training data market by actively securing intellectual property rights.”

About Crowdworks

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