Crescendo Lab Empowers LINE Official Accounts with ChatGPT Integration in “CAAC AI” Conversational Service

TAIPEI, March 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Crescendo Lab, the Taiwanese leading martech solution, announced the launch of an AI service for its conversational tool, CAAC (Conversational Analytics and Automation Cloud), which is now fully integrated with the ChatGPT API. This integration enables enterprises to engage customers with faster and more natural conversation on LINE Official Accounts, thereby improving customer loyalty and maximizing selling potentials.

Crescendo Lab is dedicated to providing the best instant messaging platform for worldwide businesses. With its marketing platform “MAAC” and the conversational interaction platform “CAAC”, Crescendo Lab supports nearly 500 enterprises to send 4 billion transactional and marketing messages per year. In the meanwhile, Crescendo Lab incorporates AI-generated content in CAAC and continues to leverage API integration across many applications. Al-generated content in CAAC allows all operators to type in keywords and ask Artificial Intelligence to expand the message in a timely manner.

Take the post purchase journey as an example. A salesperson can respond to a customer sending a LINE inquiry by typing “try on lightweight jewelry, Mother’s Day promotion until 5/10” in CAAC. The AI will help generate the following message: “Thank you for trying on and enjoying our lightweight jewelry collection. You are welcome to join our Mother’s Day event, and enjoy our promotion until 5/10. We look forward to providing you with the best shopping experience!” Therefore, this provides effective after-sales services and keeps customers engaged throughout their purchase journey.

The application of CAAC AI is expected to reduce customer service response time by 60%, lowering labor costs, and improving communication quality. It can also be applied to different marketing campaigns, sales or product recommendations, and other marketing strategies.

Jenny Chin, Product Manager of Crescendo Lab, stated that CAAC AI will accelerate digital transformation towards OMO and enhance customer relationship management in all businesses. Most importantly, when combined with the Multidimensional Marketing Platform MAAC, CAAC AI can bring comprehensive effects, from marketing to service to ultimately achieve better customer engagement.

Crescendo Lab is now expanding CAAC AI into three regions: Taiwan, Japan, and Thailand. It is not only a pioneer in applying Generative AI to LINE Official Accounts but also the first conversational tool to introduce Generative AI in the Asia-Pacific region. Thrilled by the milestone, Co-founder and CEO of Crescendo Lab, Jin Hsueh, states, “This is a groundbreaking technological breakthrough. Crescendo Lab is starting with CAAC AI and will fully integrate AI into its entire product line, creating more tools to help brands communicate with consumers.”

Visit Crescendo Lab’s website for more applicable features of AI and the conversational platform, CAAC.

Crescendo Lab has launched AI services for its conversational interactive platform CAAC, as shown in the operational diagram.

Crescendo Lab uses the multidimensional marketing platform MAAC and the conversational interactive platform CAAC to assist businesses in creating an ideal communication experience from marketing to service.