Creating an Intelligent Win-Win Future – Inaugural Smart+ Tech Ecosystem Summit Debuts This Summer!

The inaugural Smart+ Tech Ecosystem Summit delves deep into exploring five major trends and technology solutions: Smart Manufacturing, Smart Computing, Smart Living, Smart Transportation, and Cybersecurity. The event will also feature dedicated zones for the key elements of digital transformation: 5G, AI, and cybersecurity.

TAIPEI, Aug. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Organized by ASPENCORE, a global electronic industry media group, and its subsidiaries “EE Times Taiwan” and “EDN Taiwan“, the Smart+ Tech Ecosystem Summit will be held at the Hua Nan Bank International Conference Center in Taipei on August 17–18. The event will bring together over a thousand heavyweight industry players, leaders, decision-makers, and innovators from the smart industry ecosystem, who are all working together to create an intelligent win-win future.

Continuing the AI trend, the Smart+ Tech Ecosystem Summit, with the theme “Smart Manufacturing, Smart Connectivity, Smart Mobility – Leading the Boundless Imagination of the Future,” is the most anticipated technology industry event this summer, with already over 3,000 registered participants and 1,500 on-site attendees. As AI drives digital transformation in various industries—enabling numerous smart applications and opportunities—collaboration is key to establishing a vertically integrated supply chain. Only through cross-industry cooperation and resource aggregation will a complete smart ecosystem flourish, leading the industry towards a path of shared success and prosperity in this digital transformation era.

“We are honored to gather the brightest minds in the technology industry to explore the latest advancements and trends in smart technology. The Smart+ Tech Ecosystem Summit will provide a unique platform for professionals and tech enthusiasts to learn and exchange ideas, advancing together with the industry and ‘winning’ towards the future,” states Ms. Grace Wu, the Asia-Pacific General Manager of EE Times/EDN Taiwan.

Gathering the Smart Industry Ecosystem – Driving Digital Transformation

Over the course of two days, the Smart+ Tech Ecosystem Summit will deeply explore the five major topics of Smart Manufacturing, Smart Computing, Smart Living, Smart Transportation, and Cybersecurity, based on the foundation of the “Industrial Metaverse” and “Smart Living” dual forums. The event will include keynote speeches from prominent guests, smart technology seminars, and live exhibitions showcasing the latest technologies and solutions, all aimed at exploring how smart technology can enable digital transformation and promote the implementation of smart applications.

The event will also feature special zones for the key elements of digital transformation: “Cybersecurity,” “5G,” and “AI Applications.” Key players, system integrators, top executives, engineers, decision makers, and influential professionals from the industry ecosystem are invited to participate. In addition to gaining insights into the latest developments in smart transformation during the forums, attendees can also engage in exchanges with renowned vendors and key figures, seek the best collaboration partners, fill in the gaps with essential technologies, and collaboratively create new opportunities in the current era of smart digital transformation.

Focusing on Five Major Highlights: Joining Forces to Create Win-Win Situations

– Keynote Speeches Put Spotlight on the Future of Intelligent Innovation

Key executives from leading companies including Andes, Aspeed, Ericsson, FETnet, Intel, Qisda, Siemens, and Taiwan Mobile will deliver Keynote speeches in the Industrial Metaverse and Smart Living forums, sharing their experiences in driving smart technology developments, as well as their expertise and unique insights in the smart-related fields.

– Technology Seminars to Provide Vision of the Future of Smart Technology

In more than 50 tech Speeches, industry leaders in smart technology will thoroughly explore how to drive the implementation and future opportunities of smart applications across the five major topics: Smart Manufacturing, Smart Computing, Smart Living, Smart Transportation, and Cybersecurity.

– Exhibition to Showcase Opportunities for Growth and Collaboration

Over 100 smart technology and solution providers will showcase smart technology and the latest on-the-ground solutions at the event. There will also be two dedicated zones for “5G” and “Cybersecurity,” focusing on Cyber security and protection in the era of digital transformation.

– Technology Stage Featuring Exhibition’s Highlights and Products

A not-to-be-missed 10-minute Tech Talks will highlight key technologies and exhibits, offering a chance for interactive sessions with experts.

– Pre-show Gifts, On-site Draws, and Delightful Cuisine

From pre-registration gifts to on-site draws and various delicious cuisines, the event will be filled with excitement, including daily lucky draws for PS5 prizes.

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Date: 09:00 ~ 17:00, August 17~18, 2023
Venue: Hua Nan Bank International Conference Center
(No. 123, Songren Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City 110, Taiwan)
Theme: “Smart Manufacturing, Smart Connectivity, Smart Mobility – Leading the Boundless Imagination of the Future.”


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