Creality Sonic Pad is Available Today

SHENZHEN, China, Sept. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Creality Sonic Pad, the first smart tablet in the market that fully integrates the Klipper firmware empowering the 3d printing process, is available today starting from 10 p.m. (GMT+8) on Creality Official Store, Comgrow affiliate store, and Amazon. The launch event will be livestreamed via Creality YouTube and Facebook accounts.

We hear you, 3d printing lovers

Klipper had long been a firmware that could only be utilized by a small number of hard-core 3d printing lovers for its complex installation process and limited compatibility with on-the-shelf 3d printers. There are plenty of codes and tools available to facilitate the process thanks to the 3d printing community, but there was no such gadget to bring a seamless Klipper installation experience and a full suite of “plug-and-play” Klipper features. As a user-centric company dedicated to delivering the convenience of 3d printing to a wider audience, Creality joined forces with the professional community and developed this powerful gadget named “Sonic Pad”, for its capability to offer incredible printing speed. 

Powered by a 64-bit CPU and mainboard, the Creality Sonic Pad is a 7-inch color touch screen that unlocks strong computing capability and brings users premium printing speed and quality. Compared to other Klipper-related products and tools, Creality Sonic Pad can connect to almost any FDM printer in the market via a USB cable.

It is not simply a pad that “carries” Klipper and a high-performance mainboard, but a one-stop solution for all 3d printing lovers to make the best use of the powerful features of Klipper without being hindered by the installation. It is pre-configured for Ender-3 V2, Ender-3 S1 and Ender-3 S1 Pro for smooth and quick connection. For other Creality 3d printers and non-Creality ones, a detailed configuration manual is included for easy setup.

Creality Sonic Pad has four USB ports, meaning that users may be able to connect up to four units after the release of Creality’s related OTA patch. It also includes one RJ45 Ethernet port and one WiFi module enabling remote control of printers. With one gadget at an affordable price, users can turn their current 3d printers into Klipper-integrated workhorses without additional costs.

Creality Sonic Pad is one of the shining examples of how Creality caters to the diverse needs of 3d printing enthusiasts. Creality will continuously develop and optimize the Sonic Pad to lead the industry trend and bring the joy of 3d printing to users worldwide.

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Where can you buy it?

Creality Official Store: The first batch of Sonic Pad is available at $159 in the US, while users in the European countries will be able to purchase at the end of September. The second batch in large quantities will be available on October 10.

Creality Official Store:

Comgrow affiliate store and Amazon: A limited number of the Sonic Pad is available on the affiliate store and Amazon of Comgrow, a reseller of Creality. Users in the US, the UK, Australia, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, the Netherlands, and Sweden can order from Comgrow stores.

The US:

The UK:  


Creality Sonic Pad is available today at the price of $159

For more information, please stay tuned for the livestream event at 10 p.m. (GMT+8), September 15: