CRE-AR of Alijas : Redefining Cosmetic Marketing with Revolutionary AR Filters in the US

SEOUL, South Korea, Dec. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Alijas, leading digital cosmetic company from South Korea, is proudly introduce its cutting-edge Cosmetic AR Filter Marketing Services, CRE-AR, to the vibrant cosmetic market in the USA. Tailored for DIGITAL COMETIC companies, marketing firms, and businesses within the beauty industry seeking to leverage the power of Augmented Reality (AR) filters, CRE-AR represents a pivotal step in Digital cosmetics marketing innovation.

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CRE-AR of Alijas: Redefining Cosmetic Marketing with Revolutionary AR Filters in the US

Consumer behavior is rapidly evolving, driven by technology’s remarkable advancements, notably AR. This innovative technology enriches the shopping experience by overlaying computer-generated contents onto our surroundings. Fueled by artificial intelligence, AR market expected to grow to USD 174.47 billion by 2028, Alijas recognizes the United States as a vital beauty hub, embracing diverse preferences. Using advanced AR tech, Alijas tailors bespoke filters for cosmetic brands seeking innovative ways to engage their audiences.

As  Cho Ki Yong, CEO of Alijas emphasized, “We aim to redefine marketing in beauty industry and position ourselves as the go-to provider for cutting-edge AR filters, offering unmatched opportunities for enhanced brand visibility and engagement on social platforms.”

Through CRE-AR, brands can create personalized and inclusive AR filters that cater to a wide spectrum of skin tones, facial features, and beauty styles. Alijas has already demonstrated the potential of CRE-AR by posting Shiseido’s AR filter on TikTok. The results were remarkable, garnering 80,000 views and over 800 filter usage videos within just four days. This success underscores the viral effect of social media-based filters, proving their significant role in cosmetic product promotion.

“With CRE-AR, Alijas pioneers a transformative approach to cosmetic marketing, seamlessly blending innovation and beauty. More than just a service, CRE-AR underscores our commitment to revolutionize marketing and establish strong connections with consumers in the digital era,” said Cho Ki Yong.

About Alijas

Established in 2019, Alijas swiftly became a digital beauty trailblazer by harmonizing technology with beauty, aiming to democratize and redefine beauty’s essence for today’s digital era. Based in South Korea, the company’s expertise spans an array of innovative endeavors, including makeup guide video production, digital makeup creation, virtual makeup masks, digital beauty content, research and laboratory experiments in digital cosmetics, alongside other innovative 3D and VR content.