Couchdrop releases file automation and workflows

CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand, June 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Cloud SFTP platform Couchdrop has released new file automation and workflow functionality to make transferring critical data faster and easier than ever.

The new functionality enables organizations to automatically send or retrieve files between platforms, whether a remote SFTP server to a cloud storage endpoint such as SharePoint, or between two cloud storage platforms, automatically based on timed intervals, or near real-time.  

Previously, getting different platforms and systems to communicate together simultaneously has been unreliable and time-consuming. Couchdrop Chief Operating Officer Jayden Bartram says this new feature-set provides enterprises more control, visibility, security and simplicity.

“Transferring files between organizations can be complicated – often unnecessarily – and users just want it to be easy and reliable,” Bartram says. “By automating processes that would normally rely on manual intervention, additional third-party apps or a cronjob, Couchdrop has simplified the experience and robustness of critical file workflows.”

Couchdrop’s update allows users to manage processes by routing or copying files across the same or different platforms when meeting certain conditions.

Another key aspect of file transfer – that of security – has also been developed further.

“Enterprises can now leverage real-time PGP encryption and decryption as part of the automatic file transfer or workflow process,” Bartram says. “This advantage has been widely adopted by our finance, health and government customers, and we’re now seeing other industries adopt this process too.”

Couchdrop is continuing to invest in its enterprise support and has also recently released antivirus and malware support, Microsoft SSO and federated services, as well as continuing to commit heavily in its compliance and security posture.

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