Cosmax Develops AI-based Standard for Measuring Cosmetic Texture

– Objective texture data from 3-year research will be applied to develop new basic products using AI.
– Expectation of paradigm shift in the industry including customized cosmetics sector.

SEONGNAM, South Korea, March 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Cosmax has achieved its first goal in technological research using AI (artificial intelligence). The company aims to change the future paradigm of cosmetic development by measuring the texture of cosmetics using AI technology.

Cosmax Develops AI-based Standard for Measuring Cosmetic Texture

Cosmax announced that it has developed a “Standard Technology for Measuring Sensory Texture” that can predict the texture of cosmetics without applying them. This result could be achieved through joint research with Prof.Jun-dong Park’s research team at Sookmyung Women’s University. This technology clarifies the relationship between the spreadability and rheological properties (viscosity, elasticity, etc.) of cosmetics, and automatically quantifies spreadability using machine learning algorithms.

Until now, the evaluating texture of cosmetic has been influenced by subjective judgments based on individual experience. Therefore, there was a problem with the difference in expression. In other words, people have given different expressions for sensory texture of cosmetics such as the degree of “spreadability”, “moisture” and etc., although using the same product.

The Standard Technology for Measuring Sensory Texture developed by Cosmax indicates the sensation of using cosmetics into specific and quantitative values. This technology will allow us to measure the level of cosmetic texture without human intervention, which can reduce product development time and increase quality verification speed. Moreover, it will make us to adjust formulations precisely up to the sensory experience as desired, so expecting widely applied to the development of customized cosmetics.

To achieve this goal, Cosmax has recently conducted research into the applicability of essence formulations over three years. The aim of this research was to establish a set of objective values for essence formulations by evaluating their tactile properties. For that, they formed trained professional panels who subdivided the tactile properties of hundreds of essence samples and settled evaluation criteria. The panels then conducted quantification work on the texture properties for each sample objectively according to the criteria.

Subsequently, Cosmax collaborated with researchers at Sookmyung Women’s University to complete the standard technology of measuring sensory texture using the Large Amplitude Oscillatory Shear (LAOS) technique. LAOS is a rheological technique that utilizes an oscillatory flow with a large amplitude, similar to the flow condition that occurs when applying cosmetics.

Furthermore, they applied machine learning to improve the predictive power of their technology for commercialization, enabling them to quickly and efficiently obtain product texture data. The findings of this research were recently published in the ‘Physics of Fluids’, a world-renowned physics journal, and were also presented at the International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists (IFSCC) held in London last year.

Byung-man Lee, CEO of Cosmax, emphasized the significance of the research, saying, “We have shifted the paradigm from relying on subjective judgments to objectively quantifying the feel of cosmetics.” He also added, “In the future, we will expand the range to various formulations and sensory characteristics and apply it to the development of customized cosmetics.”

Cosmax is also accelerating its efforts to secure future growth engines, including AI technology, by promoting its CAI (Cosmax AI) lab under the Digital Business Division as a research institute in 2022.