Coosto predicts their ChatGPT integration will create 90% of all social posts

Coosto launches an integration with ChatGPT today and expects 90% of all social media posts from Coosto users to be created using this AI integration. 

EINDHOVEN, Netherlands, April 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Coosto today announced its integration with ChatGPT technology, which allows Coosto users to produce fully automated content linked to their brand and relevant market trends. The ChatGPT Content Generator takes into account factors such as message length per platform, tone of voice, market trends, language, and sentiment.

Tests have shown that automated content production is done in a fraction of the time compared to conventional content creation. In some cases, it was reported to be up to 98% faster, while maintaining quality.

The AI Content Generator is designed to support content creators instead of taking over their jobs. The level of input largely determines the quality of the automatically generated social media copy.

”Our background in AI made us embrace various AI models for several years. We have been following initiatives such as Open AI for quite some time, and it makes sense for us to work together in the world we operate in”, says CEO Toine Verheul. ”There are also dissenting voices around the use of AI, and we think that is actually positive. We need discussion for further development in the right direction”, Verheul adds. ”At Coosto, we see AI as a helpful tool for our customers, but the customer always remains in control.’

Coosto’s AI Content Generator is as of now available for Coosto customers and can be tested for free by interested parties.

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