coocaa X Tokopedia 909 event brings the all-new 32″ and 43″ Z72 Google TV

JAKARTA, Indonesia, Sept. 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The coocaa X Tokopedia 909 event will officially start on September 9th, 2022 in Indonesia. Get ready to unveil and enjoy the newly launched 32″ and 43″ coocaa Z72 Google TV exclusive for Tokopedia.

coocaa X Tokopedia 909 event

This coocaa Z72 new model is more sturdy and durable with the boundless screen 4.0 and “F” shape bending design, and the ultra-high screen-to-body ratio design provides the viewers with a larger vision. Besides, it will protect the eyesight while meet the entertainment needs for the whole family:

Google System: With the latest Google system, coocaa Z72 offers massive entertainment contents including over 700,000 movies and TV series, millions of songs, 8,000+ Apps and so on. The system will help people to discover what they would like to watch next and personalize the TV based on what people have watched. Moreover, the unique Daily Family module (Daily Shortcuts and Daily Key) could provide people with an easier and faster control experience; Eye Care: To protect the viewers’ eyesight, coocaa Z72 adopts the flicker free technology and low blue light technology, effectively reducing the harm from invisible flash and blue light in the 415mm-455mm band. The health platform with the night mode, eye-protection mode and auto-volume control mode, also ensures a healthier moment of watching TV. Strict Quality Control: Quality is life. Each coocaa TV was checked by more than 1,000 strict tests before delivery, including drop test, burning test, surge test, etc. That’s how coocaa guarantees the best quality and unforgettable experience of entertainment to the customers.

Catch attractive discounts and gifts during the coocaa X Tokopedia 909 Promotion:

100% cashback for 32″ Z72: From Sep. 9 to 15, coocaa will fully refund the 9th and 99th buyers of 32″ Z72 Google TV on Tokopedia. Don’t miss the chance of fortune. Free movie tickets of premier for 40″ Z72: From Sep. 9 to 15, the first 20 buyers of 40″ Z72 Google TV on Tokopedia will get the free movie tickets of premier with the “first come, first served” principle.

Don’t miss the good luck online. Join our coocaa X Tokopedia 909 Promotion, immerse yourself in the new compact Z72 Google TV for the best experience of entertainment. See you tomorrow.