coocaa & Lazada Will Offer a Super Surprise and a Better Life on Super Brand Day

MANILA, Philippines, Aug. 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — coocaa, a prominent player in the online home appliance sector, is thrilled to announce its upcoming Super Brand Day, set to take place exclusively on the online marketplace Lazada on August 22nd. Since 2019, coocaa has held the position of the top TV brand on Lazada, a testament to its unwavering commitment to quality, strategic marketing, and technological innovation. The brand’s reputation now extends across Southeast Asia, where it is recognized and respected.

During August, coocaa aims to further establish itself as a key player in the home entertainment industry through the eagerly anticipated Super Brand Day event on Lazada. This grand one-day sale offers shoppers unbeatable prices on a range of coocaa TVs, with potential savings of up to 60%. Adding to the excitement, customers can also enjoy enticing freebies and exclusive Lazada rebates. This year’s theme, “Dive into the coocaaverse,” encapsulates coocaa’s vision of delivering immersive entertainment experiences right to customers‘ doorstep, taking their viewing pleasure to a whole new level.

coocaa & Lazada Super Brand Day——Y72

Highlighting the event is the 55Y72 model, a distinguished member of the EYE CARE TV series. This TV’s built-in eye protection features have resonated with numerous consumers. The health functions especially EYE CARE series make the product stand out in the TV industry.

Flicker Free——Can effectively avoid the harmful flash, and reduce the screen flash by changing the dimming mode to protect eyes. Low Blue Light—Specially designed bulbs in the Y72 significantly reduce harmful blue light emissions within the 415nm-455nm spectrum, providing heightened eye protection. The Health Platform—Y72 introduces a night mode, eye protection mode, and auto-volume control, enhancing the overall TV experience. The Antibacterial Remote Control—SGS-certified, the remote control incorporates antibacterial materials that combat up to 99% of bacteria.

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The spokesperson for the company, Mr. Frank stated, “coocaa continues to establish itself as a trendsetter in the home appliance industry. The Super Brand Day on Lazada is a fantastic opportunity for us to engage with our customers and to show our appreciation for their continued support and loyalty.” Make sure to mark August 22nd on the calendar and take advantage of these fantastic deals. Dive into the coocaaverse and immerse in unparalleled entertainment with coocaa. coocaa never lets customers down.