coocaa Frame+ TV perfectly integrates art and technology, making art light up life

HANOI, Vietnam, April 8, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — coocaa, a technology pioneer, is characterized by the ingenious integration of art and technology. The launch of Frame+ TV LN7000G introduces art into life in a unique way, making art within reach. This perfect integration comes from the exquisite craftsmanship of coocaa’s 11 R&D centers around the world and the continuous polishing of more than 1,800 professional top engineers. “On is TV, off is Art”, what Frame+ TV LN7000G pursues is not only visual shock, but also spiritual resonance. Through the ingenious interweaving of light and color, it lights up every moment in life, allowing art and life to coexist.

coocaa Frame+ TV LN7000G perfectly integrates art and technology, making art light up life

The five core technologies of Frame+ TV LN7000G allow art to truly enter and integrate into life.

The ultra-thin design process makes the body thickness no more than 30mm, which is only one-third the thickness of other TVs on the market. While pursuing the ultimate experience, the delicate design transforms the TV from a bulky black box into a work of art integrated into life. The proud seamless wall-mounted design allows the screen to fit more closely onto the wall, making it more like a piece of art displayed at home. Frame+ TV pursues a minimalist aesthetic and eliminates cumbersome cables and additional TV set-top box wiring. The concept of All-in-one design gives the entire product a purer appearance and creates a more comfortable and concise viewing environment for users. The perfect combination of software and hardware gives Frame+ TV a unique art mode. Through functions such as art gallery, atmospheric space and family photo album, users can immerse themselves in the ocean of art in a comfortable home environment, making every frame full of warmth. The use of Matte Screen technology eliminates surface reflections and ghosting, allowing art to be free from interference from external light and presenting the most authentic and natural beauty.

Frame+ TV LN7000G seamlessly blends technology and art, showcasing captivating artistic images every time it’s turned on or off. This innovation isn’t just about technological advancement; it’s a redefinition of life’s quality, offering users a deep connection to art while enjoying TV. In this fusion of technology and art, TV becomes a bridge between people, art, and life, providing an immersive sensory experience that transforms everyday existence into a remarkable journey of artistic discovery.