Continuously recognized by Gartner and Forrester, SequoiaDB consolidates its leading position in China’s distributed database market

GUANGZHOU, China, March 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — SequoiaDB, a leading distributed database vendor in China, has recently been recognized in two major reports in the data management industry. Gartner’s “Market Guide for DBMS, Chinareport has selected SequoiaDB as a representative database vendor for the Chinese market, marking the first time Gartner has published guidance for this market. The report analyzes the Chinese database market and highlights its development trends, indicating that DBMS technology in China will continue to follow its own trajectory over the next five years.

Sequoiadb Live View

Gartner has pointed out that the Chinese market has unique needs, and product features and performance characteristics such as Lakehouse integration, enhanced transactions, and distributed transactional database are essential. The report also identifies five industries that are the main downstream demand areas for the database industry: finance, telecommunications, government affairs, manufacturing, and the internet. Among these industries, the financial sector has the most stringent data requirements and high data intensity. Many domestic financial institutions have data volumes exceeding 100TB, and the diversified format of data in the financial industry is growing rapidly. SequoiaDB’s integrated technology architecture of the Lakehouse can help enterprises build a new and integrated data platform, providing comprehensive data governance and rapid production deployment.

SequoiaDB has also been selected for Forrester’s The Data Management For Analytics Landscape In China, Q4 2022” report, which introduces the business value, business development maturity, well-known manufacturers in related fields in China, and hot use cases, helping enterprises enhance their understanding of data analysis management.

Jordan Tang, CEO of SequoiaDB Founder, highlights that since the establishment of SequoiaDB in 2012, the company has been aware that the value of big data is not limited to offline analysis of Hadoop, and real-time processing capabilities are an effective means of adding value to data. The company has developed a unique Multi-Mode data lake capability that has the advantages of unified storage of image file data and metadata, High-Performance reading and writing, simple operation, and maintenance, and Multi-Activity and disaster recovery. In addition, the company’s new generation of domestic distributed database product SequoiaDB supports hybrid multi-mode data storage on the same engine, high concurrent query, and processing of massive data, and can handle online processing, data middle platform, distributed content management, and other applications.

SequoiaDB has been running in the core production system of more than 100 financial institutions in China for a long time, accelerating the localization and digital transformation of the financial industry. With nearly 10 years of development, SequoiaDB has developed technologies with differentiated advantages, collaborating with upstream and downstream partners to improve the compatibility of the ecosystem and help the information innovation ecosystem. In the future, SequoiaDB will enhance the capabilities of technology, products, ecosystems, and services to unlock the value of data.