SINGAPORE, Nov. 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — CONTEC, the leader in IoT/M2M communication technology, edge AI/data analytics, embedded computing, and industrial automation, and Atsign, the premier data security and privacy technology provider of open-source Networking 2.0 technology, announced a five-year partnership to provide end-to-end secured IoT and IT infrastructure solutions. This partnership will provide a significant leap in the security and privacy of IoT solutions.

The partnership will focus on:

Security: Atsign’s security and privacy technology will be integrated into CONTEC’s devices to provide customers with one of the most secure solutions available in the market. This includes zero-trust security, zero network attack surfaces, and end-to-end encryption with keys cut and managed at the edge. Scalability: Atsign’s technology will simplify implementing and administrating CONTEC’s highly scalable solutions, saving customers time and money. Innovation: CONTEC and Atsign will collaborate on new security and privacy features for IoT and networking devices. This includes remote device updates and secure data sharing.

The partnership combines Atsign’s security and privacy technology with CONTEC’s expertise in IoT and digitisation, machine learning, and industrial computers to provide customers with a highly scalable solution for secured data transmission and secured remote management of their IoT devices, networks, and data.

“Atsign’s security technology is a perfect complement to our IoT device solutions,” said Kazuyoshi Nishiyama, Managing Executive Officer of CONTEC. “CONTEC’s Intelligent IoT Gateway can collect data from ‘greenfields,’ ‘brownfields,’ and from layer zero, e.g., devices with no output, non-addressable devices, analogue sensors and systems, and convert them into the desired protocols and data formats. Integrating Atsign’s security solutions and CONTEC’s Intelligent products will ensure our customers’ data and devices are secure and well protected.”

“We are excited to partner with CONTEC to bring our security and privacy expertise to the industrial, medical, and transportation device market,” said Barbara Tallent, CEO of Atsign. “CONTEC is a global leader in IoT device innovation, and we believe that our partnership will further enhance their IoT solutions to better serve their customers.”

CONTEC and Atsign highlight prime areas for impact: national education, socio-economic development in local communities, and growth opportunities in building, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, agriculture, and OEM sectors.