Consumer technology brand DRY STUDIO officially launches today

TOKYO, Sept. 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — DRY STUDIO, a new consumer technology brand founded in Tokyo and backed by Angry Miao, has officially been launched today.

Having explored the market for more three years, Angry Miao came to the realization that using a single in-house brand brings limitations when it comes to expressing radical and diverse subcultures that young people are concerned about. However, many talented creators in the global community do not affiliate themselves with a brand, and thus do not need to take brand consistency into consideration. This freedom allows creators to imagine designs that take avant-garde, eye-catchyness and individuality to the next level.

Supported by Angry Miao’s solid product technology, R&D, supply chain and other resources, DRY STUDIO aims to differentiate itself with a unique user experience and design, rather than competing with spec sheets. By understanding the needs of Gen Z, DRY STUDIO seeks to create products with balanced specifications while placing user experience and design at the forefront. Basing their products on these fundamentals, DRY STUDIO believes their products will be anticipated by young people while also maintaining a fair price.

DRY STUDIO hopes it can become a platform for connecting global creators with diverse and innovative designs to create desktop equipment, including keyboards, headphones, chargers, charging cables, phone cases, and more. Rather than limiting itself to a single design language, DRY STUDIO plans to cooperate with more designers to take advantage of their individual visions, and turning unique conceptual design schemes into reality.

At the same time, DRY STUDIO is ready to break the status quo, adding a unique flavor to otherwise “dry” single-brand designs. DRY STUDIO welcomes designers from all over the world to collaborate and make truly excellent works reality.

DRY STUDIO will release its first product through crowdfunding platform Indiegogo on September 26, 2023 at 8:00 AM PDT.