Bankers Deals, a Deal Discovery Solution for Dealmakers Globally.

TORONTO, Mar 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Dealmakers looking to sell or acquire a business generally rely on their personal relationship-based business network to find suitable opportunities or acquirors. This traditional approach is usually not optimal and can result in missing out on the right deal or the ideal acquiror. Bankers Deals will change that by bringing technology to the M&A deal origination and sourcing (“deal discovery”) process.

Developed by a business leader with a deep background in M&A, Bankers Deals is a patent pending B2B deal discovery SaaS solution for the middle to lower M&A market that connects dealmakers globally. It enables and simplifies deal discovery for both buy-side and sell-side, as well as empowers dealmakers to take control and implement their M&A strategy independently.

“Think of us as for dealmakers, as we connect buyers and sellers of businesses confidentially,” said Arun Kashyap, founder, and CEO of Bankers Deals. “Our solution is ideal for investment banks, M&A advisors, merchant banks, private equity firms, accounting firms, corporations, family offices and other investment firms. Further, Bankers Deals will enable dealmakers to build their deal pipeline and / or prospect list with greater confidence.”

“Over the last 12 months, the total transaction value of all deals closed in the middle to lower M&A market exceeded $1 trillion USD,” he said. “This market represents a significant opportunity for dealmakers, but finding the right deal or the ideal acquiror can be challenging. It’s easy to completely miss out on M&A opportunities.”

“There are deals and acquirors you know of and those you don’t, with the latter being much larger. Bankers Deals provides greater deal visibility and deal awareness globally,” he continued. “With just a few clicks, users can proactively search unique actionable opportunities or discover unlikely acquirors outside their traditional business relationship-based network. Our patent pending data driven algorithms are dynamic in nature and provide results in real time based on individual user preferences and not in a relevance-based list format.”

Bankers Deals is both web and mobile app ready, and pricing is based on monthly subscription plans with no referral fees, success fees or annual commitments. New users can register for a free trial as a seller, buyer, or both.

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CONTACT: Arun Kashyap, Founder & CEO, +1-877-771-8424, Email: [email protected]