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Etron Tech Showcases MemorAiLink Platform: Revolutionizing Heterogeneous Integration in Semiconductor Development

Now with Customer Products Entering Mass Production

LAS VEGAS and TAIPEI, May 28, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — As Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to thrive, the global tech industry is undergoing significant transformations. Etron Technology (TPEx: 5351), dedicated to research and innovation, aims to be a comprehensive solutions provider in specialty buffer memory, heterogeneous integration packaging, and IP services. At this year’s Computex, Etron will showcase their Heterogeneous Integration Total Solution via the innovative MemorAiLink platform.

Etron’s extensive industry experience has revealed that many speciality DRAM customers need additional packaging and controller IP services after receiving their DRAM products, resulting in unnecessary performance sacrifices and cost increases. Through Etron’s one-stop development platform, MemorAiLink, we offer a variety of memory options along with comprehensive memory interface IP services. This optimizes overall SoC performance and cost, shortens time-to-market, and provides customers with greater competitive advantages.

One-Stop Development Services for Integrated Memory and Memory Controller Support for Logic ICs by Etron

Etron Tech continues to add successful examples to the MemorAiLink platform, providing integrated memory and memory controller support for logic ICs in a one-stop development service. Etron Tech and eEver Tech have joined forces to develop the EJ525D/EJ523D audio and video capture ICs subsystems using the MemorAiLink platform. Multiple PCIe audio capture cards and video capture boxes from customer products have entered the mass production stage. This fully demonstrates the effectiveness of the MemorAiLink platform as a one-stop development service for heterogeneous integration, providing customers with more competitive solutions. Whether it’s innovative memory products, heterogeneous integration packaging, or memory interface IP services, all contribute to efficient development of innovative heterogeneous integration applications.

Dr. Nicky Lu, Chairman of Etron Tech, stated that “heterogeneous integration and chip subsystem design are the primary trends in future semiconductors. Etron Technology’s “MemorAiLink” AI memory platform enables the integration of technical components from different customer applications with the most suitable memory and packaging technologies, achieving highly complex chip designs and shortening time to market for products. The launch of innovative heterogeneous integration chip products EJ525D/EJ523D using the MemorAiLink platform is particularly significant for developing subsystems for audio and video capture ICs. Considering the many emerging opportunities brought by audio and video streaming technology applications, the introduction of the EJ525D/EJ523D audio signal processors and customer products using the MemorAiLink platform has entered mass production. This provides more possibilities for multiple signal switching and integration, as well as audio and video streaming applications and business models.”

Following the launch earlier this year of the new AI SoCs platform – MemorAiLink (AI+DRAM heterogeneous integration platform), the RPC Subsystem Total Solution has been introduced. It helps in minimizing extremely small and low-power special application ASIC system designs, effectively reducing pin counts and complexity, as well as saving the cost of package spacers. This further optimizes the overall heterogeneous integration packaging solution and has gained significant market favor.

The RPC Subsystem Total Solution combines Etron’s independently developed RPC DRAM®, RPC controller, and eYs3D’s 3D depth image chip. It can assist in minimizing extremely small and low-power special application ASIC system designs, providing a complete AI terminal application solution to accelerate the popularization of terminal artificial intelligence applications. By adopting x16 DDR3 LPDDR3 data bandwidth and achieving the industry’s smallest volume and lowest cost FI-WLCSP packaging, it effectively reduces wire counts and complexity compared to using traditional DDR3 in packaging, saving the cost of package spacers and further optimizing the overall heterogeneous integration packaging solution.

“Etron’s core technology lies in memory and logic chip design. In recent years, they have been continuously developing various innovative memory solutions, such as the one-stop development platform “MemorAiLink” that integrates memory and memory controller support for logic chips. Through innovative memory products, heterogeneous integration packaging, and memory interface IP services, they aim to provide customers with more competitive solutions,” said Dr. Nicky Lu.

Etron’s Complete Memory Solutions Support for WiFi 5, WiFi 6/6E & Wi Fi 7

In addition to its focus on heterogeneous integration, the company will also highlight their strategic initiatives in networking, including complete memory solutions and support for WiFi 5, WiFi 6/6E, and WiFi 7 specifications. Etron continues to deepen its presence in networking applications, which account for over 30% of the company’s revenue. As a key memory supplier for telecom broadband networks, Etron offers comprehensive DRAM and SPI NAND Flash solutions, supporting WiFi 5, WiFi 6/6E, and WiFi 7 standards. Etron is listed as an approved vendor by major WiFi chip suppliers like Qualcomm, Broadcom, MediaTek, and Realtek. Notably, Etron’s DDR4 8Gb/4Gb and DDR3 4Gb have been mass-produced for WiFi 6E products and are recognized for WiFi 7 chipsets, with samples now available to end customers.

Since launching its first SDR product in 1998, Etron has expanded its memory product line to include SDR, DDR, DDR2, DDR3, DDR4, LPDDR2, LPDDR4/4X SDRAM, SPI NAND, and eMMC. Their DRAM products range from 4 to 64 I/O bits and 16Mb to 16Gb in capacity. Etron’s products are widely used in automotive markets, including in-car entertainment, hard drives, digital audio, HUDs, dash cams, surround-view systems, and ADAS. Additionally, Etron’s KGD and discrete solutions have been integrated into smart home devices like smart locks, panoramic cameras, Blu-ray DVD players, smart speakers, and robotic vacuum cleaners. Looking ahead, Etron remains committed to providing superior memory solutions and looks forward to meeting you at Computex to explore the limitless possibilities of future technology.

Welcome to visit Etron Technology Group’s booth at COMPUTEX 2024, where you can experience the most advanced AI electronic solutions. As a pioneer of continuous innovation, Etron realizes IC system products through intelligence, autonomy, connectivity, and privacy, mimicking the functions of the human brain, eyes, and nerves while ensuring privacy. We are dedicated to enriching life and invite you to explore the future of AI together! Visit us from June 4-7, 2024, at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 2, 4F R0908, and USB-IF at Hall 1, 4F N0607a.

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Etron Technology, Inc. (TPEx: 5351. TW) is a world-class fabless and heterogeneous integration IC design company that specializes in the application-driven buffer memory, known-good die memory (KGDM), innovative RPC DRAM®, KOOLDRAM® (Long Retention Time DRAM, LRTDRAMTM), and other artificial intelligence and machine learning-induced DRAM products. It also features high-speed transfer interface chips for USB Type-C, Machine Vision Sensing Cameras, Modules, and ICs, along with a Depthmap Processing Unit. These offerings can be integrated to fulfill customer requirements for AI applications. To learn more, please visit

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