CommsEase Wins NTIRE 2022 Challenge with its Super-Resolution Technology

HANGZHOU, China, July 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — CommsEase has recently taken the first place for its best Overall Performance in the NTIRE 2022 Efficient Super-Resolution Challenge. The exciting win marks the first recognition of CommsEase’s proprietary video technology on a global scale.

NTIRE (New Trends in Image Restoration and Enhancement), held in conjunction with CVPR (IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition), is one of the most influential global competitions in computer image restoration. The industry leading event draws in a large number of academic and industrial attendees each year.

The NTIRE 2022 Challenge includes 10 groups of challenges on image and video processing. In particular, the Efficient Super-Resolution challenge was highly competitive, with more than 40 groups submitting their entries. Their Proposals are evaluated based on three core dimensions: Runtime, Model Complexity and Overall Performance. Despite being a newcomer to the competition, CommsEase exceled other participants as to the Overall Performance of its technological offering, and won third and fourth place in Runtime and Model Complexity, respectively. 

Super-resolution technology helps improve the resolution of videos that are blurry, creating the ultimate HD picture quality that audiences demand. So far, the technology has been applied in a wide variety of scenarios, such as live streaming, video-on-demand, surveillance equipment, video codec, satellite image remote sensing, digital HD, microscopic imaging, video restoration and medical imaging.

During the Challenge, CommsEase also proposed an edge-oriented Efficient Feature Distillation Network (EFDN) method, which successfully meets the high requirements of super-resolution algorithms, even with the limited computing power of mobile devices.

CommsEase’s super-resolution video solution has also been employed in scenarios to effectively improve the resolution of real-time and offline videos, offering users smooth video viewing capabilities on low-end devices or devices with lower-speed connection.

About CommsEase 

CommsEase is an integrated communications technology provider, mainly focusing on CPaaS products and solutions. It provides industry-leading cloud-based communication services such as real-time messaging, audio & video call, live streaming, and interactive livestreaming.

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