CommsEase Unveils an Integrated One-On-One Social and Entertainment Solution to the World

HANGZHOU, China, Aug. 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — CommsEase, the leading cloud communications service provider, has introduced its integrated, scalable and multifunctional one-on-one social and entertainment solution to help developers with quick and reliable product and service launches.

In the face of fierce market competition, the key to survival and growth for social and entertainment companies is to tap into and explore opportunities in emerging market segments and improve user experience through integrated technology.

In the entertainment arena, users are establishing pan-social relationships through chat rooms, interactive live streaming, content sharing and mini-game interaction. As social relationships deepen, one-on-one interaction becomes the preferred way for users to build close ties. Through this kind of exchange, strangers become semi-acquaintances and even close friends.  This process thus improves the user retention and ARPU of social products.

This is especially true with today’s blurred boundary between socializing and entertainment. Audio, video, mini-games, e-commerce and other segments are more or less equipped with social functions and more integrated with socializing.

However, many problems remain for users in the current one-on-one social interaction. Moreover, application developers face technical problems as well. For example, users often fail to receive message notifications, or to connect to audio/video calls. Other issues include repeated ads and fraudulent, obscene and violent content; lack of filters and face editing functions; and difficulty in fully ensuring the compatibility of various vendors’ SDKs.

Based on its technical expertise and practical experience in the social and entertainment industries, CommsEase, an integrated communications technology provider mainly focusing on CPaaS products and solutions, solves these problems with its one-on-one social and entertainment solution. Some of the key features of CommsEase’s solution include the following:

High connectivity: high audio/video call connection rates and message arrival rates Content moderation: appropriate image, text and audio/video content Face editing: rich-featured and more accurate filters Fast access: only one SDK needed, low development cost

On the technical level, CommsEase has carried out a lot of integration and optimization for its one-on-one social and entertainment solutions, enabling seamless integration of audio/video services and high connection rates, content moderation and face editing functions. Developers only need to connect to one SDK for fast access, which greatly reduces the development cost of applications and significantly improves product development and launch efficiency.

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