CommsEase Releases an All-in-One Social Live Audio Solution

HANGZHOU, China, Sept. 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — CommsEase, the leading cloud communications service provider, offers a new option to businesses with its all-in-one social live audio solution featuring instant messaging, real-time communication and live streaming.

Generation Z has raised new demands for socializing as they now dominates socializing activities. Instead of close relationships, they are more willing to build weak ties with like-minded people. Anyway, there is always a need for chatting though some users feel stressed in a video call. To overcome the pain point of video calls and draw the distance a little closer between users at the same time, CommsEase decides to provide developers with an all-in-one social live audio solution, enabling them to create an enjoyable and relaxing atmosphere.

CommsEase’s social live audio solution is an all-in-one solution combining its three main strengths – instant messaging, real-time communication and live streaming. Either joining in group voice chat or texting messages and emojis to other people is supported. For a social live audio solution, audio quality determines user experience, and CommsEase is well aware of it. Backed by its AI-powered noise-suppression algorithm, background noise is detected and removed instantly for the sake of high audio quality. The built-in exclusive music codec together with 48 kHz sample rate helps restore the fullness of quality audio.

This solution is suitable for various scenarios, including live audio room, in-game voice chat and online karaoke. In a live audio room, proprietary data encryption algorithm is applied to protect the privacy and security of calls. Hosts can invite as many speakers and listeners as they like, without the concern for data security. In online games, gamers can connect freely with each other at anytime from anywhere. Comfortable gaming experiences are ensured by CommsEase’s WE-CAN global intelligent routing network. Moreover, for online karaoke, the solution supports both solo and chorus modes with stereo HD audio quality and 80% anti-packet loss.

CommsEase offers scenario-based solutions for Kayalive and has already helped Kayalive with its quick launch. Social live audio solution has also given Heatup users an immersive and intimate experience with its high-quality audio and scalable rooms.

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