CLPS Incorporation Announces the Development of a Quantitative Trading System for Retail Investors to Expand Opportunities in Investment Area

HONG KONG, June 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — CLPS Incorporation (the “Company” or “CLPS”) (Nasdaq: CLPS), today announced that its majority-owned subsidiary, JAJI (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (“JAJI”), has commenced the development of an innovative quantitative trading system tailored to retail investors. This new product is expected to be officially launched in the first half of 2024.

In response to the growing investment risks arising from market uncertainties, quantitative trading system has emerged as a powerful tool in the investment trading landscape. This system leverages algorithmic models to make investment decision and execute automated trading, minimizing human intervention and enhancing investment efficiency and risk control capabilities. Quantitative trading system, once predominantly used by professional investment institutions like stock brokerage firms and fund companies, is now gaining popularity among retail investors. This shift is attributed to the advancements in data analysis technology and ongoing innovation within the financial industry.

Building upon its extensive experience and successful track record in the fintech sector, JAJI has begun to develop an easy-to-use, reliable, and efficient quantitative trading system product. It is designed to cater to the needs of both professional investment institutions and retail investors, taking into account the predicted industry development trends and JAJI’s own capabilities. The product will seamlessly integrate cutting-edge algorithms and data models, delivering to users a comprehensive quantitative investment experience through market services, intelligent strategies, personalized combinations, rapid trading, and risk control management, among other advantageous features.

In the process of developing this product, JAJI leverages its industry-university research achievements in the financial sector. To further enhance the system’s underlying architecture, JAJI has collaborated with Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, a leading university in China specializing in finance and economics. This partnership will provide valuable support in terms of cutting-edge design concepts and professional financial knowledge, ensuring the product is built on a solid foundation of innovation and expertise.

Mr. Oscar Yuan, General Manager of JAJI, said, “The product will adopt two business models: institutional docking and individual ordering. By leveraging technology and data, we aim to create a product that is accessible for personal use, eliminating the restrictions and inconveniences faced by retail investors when utilizing quantitative trading system through brokerage channels. We are committed to delivering superior trading experience and achieving higher success rates for retail investors.”

Mr. Raymond Lin, Chief Executive Officer of CLPS, commented, “The emergence of quantitative trading system represents a significant development trajectory in the fintech sector. We have a great confidence in JAJI ‘s R&D investments in this area, and anticipate its successful market adoption. In addition, this fintech product tailored to retail investors will enhance our client business capabilities, further enriching our diversified business model.”

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