Cloud Storage Service TeraBox Launches V3.0 App Upgrade with New Look and Features

SUNNYVALE, Calif., Sept. 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Cloud storage service application TeraBox, has recently launched a new V3.0 upgrade. Due to a commitment to ensuring a high-quality user experience, the new upgrade offers users a fresher interface and a smoother in-app experience.

As part of the V3.0 upgrade, TeraBox revamped the in-app visual theme, choosing a more refreshing color scheme. The new version also allows users to adjust the layout of certain features on display to manage stored documents and media assets more efficiently and conveniently.

A key feature added to the new version is the “Recent” tab, which acts as a shortcut to find the latest viewed items, downloads, or uploads.

For members, TeraBox added additional image-editing functionality, optimizing the application’s data access, management, and processing capabilities. Users can edit their images using in-app filters and visual effects with a number of functions ranging from transforming, adjusting, filtering, focusing, and brushing. Additionally, the data upload speed has been significantly optimized to accommodate larger capacity.

“Personal data storage is important to many people and offers a convenient way to document our everyday lives,” said Olivia Tian, product lead at TeraBox. “Our V3.0 upgrade aims to offer users a better personal data storage experience to help them more completely preserve their memories.”

TeraBox is always committed to providing thoughtful features to help users manage their personal data more conveniently. For example, the photo upload and mobile data detection features help users upload their local data to the cloud, and the personal vault can be used to help users to save their private files.

Moving forward, TeraBox will soon bring to life two more features — dark mode for Android and photo story creation — in the hopes of increasing user engagement and optimizing the overall experience.

The new V3.0 version is available for download on Android, iOS, and Windows devices. Users can also get it online at

About TeraBox

TeraBox is an innovative cloud storage application that protects and organizes all the files on a user’s device, helping them to quickly back up and navigate photos, important documents, and files with the aid of powerful AI technology. TeraBox enables worldwide users to experience the future of data backup and cloud storage solutions.