Cloud and AI firm CloudMile launches Indonesia office and strengthens cloud strategy services in SEA

JAKARTA, Indonesia, Feb. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — CloudMile, a leading cloud and AI service provider in Asia, has established its latest footprint in Indonesia. Incorporated in major Southeast Asian cities with head offices in Singapore and Taiwan, the firm will now be able to boost support for local Indonesian clients as part of its strategy to help businesses implement and manage their cloud strategy to bring to bear their digital transformation ambitions.

“This expansion allows CloudMile to deepen engagement with more customers across Southeast Asia, with local engineering support teams who understand the local culture and more importantly, communicate in the local language,” says Jeremy Heng, Head of SEA at CloudMile. “CloudMile will focus its investments on building a local team and developing a consultative sales approach to on-site engineering, bringing digital transformation services including infrastructure modernisation, application modernisation, big data and artificial intelligence.”

To serve its customers, CloudMile leverages deep partnerships with leading cloud technology providers including Google Cloud, Cloudflare, Twilio and FiveTran. Its cloud and data experts have over 150 certifications, with 70+ earned in the last three years, 30+ of which are in Google Cloud, including Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Cloud Migration and Infrastructure specialisations.

“Expanding into Indonesia is a conscious effort to align CloudMile’s focus on Google Cloud, one of the top cloud providers in Indonesia,” says Jeremy. “Additional support will come from the wider Southeast Asia CloudMile team where over 40 certified Google Cloud Engineers are ready to support and bring value to our customers in Indonesia.”

Secure, scalable multi-cloud strategy for business

In the post-pandemic era, digital transformation has become imperative for businesses across the board, with cloud technologies increasingly integral to operational infrastructure.

A recent Gartner study found that 81% of public cloud users say they use two or more providers, with most large organisations predicted to pursue the multi-cloud approach. The ten biggest cloud vendors now provide critical cloud capabilities from scalable data storage to analytics and AI, giving businesses robust opportunities to take advantage of best-in-breed solutions and avoid vendor lock-in when shaping their operational strategies.

Yet leveraging such multi-cloud environments securely and effectively can represent a challenge for companies of all sizes. A VMWare study found that while 70% of organisations in Asia-Pacific operate multi-cloud environments, only 38% say their multi-cloud strategy is fully defined.

“Differentiated cloud capabilities across different cloud platforms present a compelling business case for companies to adopt a multi-cloud strategy, especially as customers become more and more sophisticated in their understanding of cloud technology,” says Jeremy. “However, questions around operations and orchestration across different environments have resulted in pushback from businesses. We believe managing multi-cloud should be easy, so that customers can leverage best-of-breed cloud services to do what they need.”

As a cloud-native organisation, CloudMile provides deep expertise in secure, scalable multi-cloud strategy, with key tools like Anthos (a Google Cloud offering) to help businesses successfully straddle multiple cloud assets to drive real business value.

Anthos is a Google Cloud workload orchestration tool that can be deployed across hybrid and multi-cloud environments with “single-pane-of-glass” management, improving operational agility and security. MileLync is CloudMile’s self-developed cloud monitoring platform that tracks cloud consumption and analysis across multiple environments, helping optimise cloud resources and manage cost. CloudMile also offers multiple in-house scripting tools that enable customers to monitor and manage the seamless deployment of MileLync and Anthos across their various work environments.

Data empowers business

Driving continuous, scalable value from digital transformation relies on intelligent data architecture that can acquire and analyse the right data across multiple sources.   CloudMile’s data analytics solutions and AI transformation tools help customers build viable and practical business via truly data-driven decision-making.

“While many organisations understand the practical importance of using data, many have still not begun the journey, or they find good data practices cumbersome to implement. However, when data analytics tools are successfully deployed, the benefits to be reaped are multiplied,” says Jeremy. “CloudMile’s mission is to make it easy for businesses to build their data assets and manage data infrastructure.”

Where larger cloud players may have complicated legal and admin procedures, CloudMile specialises in simple, streamlined digital processes, offering clear and strategic roadmaps for businesses to modernise their operations and adopt new technologies.

“Our philosophy is that data should be an integral part of business decision-making,” says Jeremy. “We believe with the shortage of data resources in many organisations, CloudMile can play a key role in helping customers leverage data to help their business – and more importantly, doing it in a secure manner.”