Click IPO in association with Tradestation finally gives South Asian investors the opportunity to invest in US IPO’s

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Sept. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Buying Esports stocks online and their subsequent performance are “all the rage” in America and now Indian investors can finally participate. Recently, a few Esport IPO’s have come to market with an incredible surge in both demand and price for shares in these companies. Now, South Asian investors will also have a chance at purchasing IPO shares of yet another Esport company offering shares on the US NASDAQ stock market. 

Recent Esport IPO’s:

Esport Technologies soared 700% over its IPO pricing level. Seeking Alpha Apr. 9, 2021. Esports Technologies soars again in early trading after a strong debut yesterday that saw shares jump more than 500% from their IPO pricing level. Shares of EBET are up 33.36% premarket to $48.57 vs. the IPO pricing mark of $6.00 per share.                          Mobile Global Esports, was listed on the Nasdaq on July 29, 2022, pricing the 1.5 million shares on offer at $4.00. MGAM shares went to trade as high as $20 on the second day of trading

Another company like the above, Mobile Global Esports Inc. or MoGo, traded 61.3 million shares (heavy volume),in the first 10 days of trading (all over the IPO price of $4) and traded as high as $20 per share and had an average closing price of $7 per share over those first 10 trading days. Now, Click IPO is expected to be offering the next Esport stock and its shares to the public within the next few weeks on its app.

ClickIPO has participated in more than 200 recent U.S. IPO’s, connecting with approximately 5,000,000 investors, through their app (which integrates with an International Brokerage Firm), allows investors the opportunity to secure and participate in desired IPO’s and their shares through their app – ClickIPO. ClickIPO is an app which can be downloaded in Vietnam and “willing IPO risk takers” or “day-traders” will have a chance to own some of the Esport stock right at the $4 per share IPO price and sell it right back into the market if they so choose via their association with Tradestation. 

About Click IPO:

ClickIPO is the world’s first industry utility for optimizing retail distribution of IPO and Secondary Offerings.