Cleaning Appliance Innovator INSE Announces Unprecedented Offers for Amazon Prime Day

SEATTLE, July 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — INSE, a home-cleaning solution expert behind some of the most popular cordless vacuum cleaners on Amazon, is thrilled to announce its participation in the upcoming Amazon Prime Day on July 11th and 12th. Offering an extensive range of premium household appliances, INSE is dedicated to enhancing the cleaning routines of its valued customers with incredible special offers and its acclaimed product lineup including cordless vacuum cleaners, pet grooming kits, and robotic pool cleaners.

Cleaning Appliance Innovator INSE Announces Unprecedented Offers for Amazon Prime Day

During Prime Day, in addition to the incredible discounts of up to 80% off on a wide range of INSE products on Amazon, customers can also avail themselves of special discounts on the official INSE website, with savings of up to $120 off on all vacuum cleaners.

The INSE V70 cordless vacuum cleaner has emerged as an exceptional deal on Amazon. With a substantial discount of up to 78%, customers can now own a lightweight and cost-effective 6 in 1 wireless vacuum cleaner exclusively engineered for daily and deep cleaning on hardwood floors. This remarkable offer enables customers to purchase the V70 at a price below $100, marking it as the most affordable option in the preceding 30 days.

Another highlight of the sale is the S9 cordless vacuum cleaner, offering an impressive discount of up to 80%. With a powerful suction of 30Kpa and a unique brush design to prevent hair entanglement, the S9 is especially suitable for cleaning carpets. It also features four different modes, including an automatic sensing function that adjusts suction power according to the amount of dirt on the floor.

Customers looking for a cordless vacuum cleaner with extended battery life will be delighted with the S10 cordless vacuum cleaner. With a discount of up to 80%, the S10 offers a runtime of up to 50 minutes. It also features a six-layer filtration system that utilizes a 12-cone cyclone separation technology, resulting in enhanced suction power for deep cleaning in larger spaces.

For those seeking versatility in their cleaning routine, the S6T cordless vacuum cleaner is the ideal choice. With a discount of up to 75%, the S6T comes with multiple attachments. This all-in-one machine caters to various cleaning needs, such as cleaning bedding, floors, furniture surfaces, and even cars.

Pet owners will not want to miss out on the P20 dog grooming kit, which offers a discount of up to 80%. This multi-functional pet grooming tool comes with three commonly used grooming brush heads, including a grooming brush, a de-shedding brush, and a hair clipper. With the ability to simultaneously brush and vacuum pet hair into the dustbin, along with two cleaning tools for maintaining furniture surfaces and corners, the P20 provides a convenient solution for pet households. The vacuum also features three adjustable settings and a low-noise design, ensuring a pleasant grooming experience for pets.

With a large capacity 5200mAh battery, the Y10 robotic pool vacuum, available with a discount of up to 43%, provides a 90-minute runtime, making it suitable for cleaning large swimming pools. The Y10 features automatic route planning and cleaning, saving both time and effort. The self-parking function allows the vacuum to automatically dock near the pool’s edge when the battery level drops below 20%, making it convenient to retrieve and recharge.

Customers are encouraged to take advantage of these fantastic discounts during Amazon Prime Day, as they are exclusive to INSE products and for a limited time only. To learn more about the deals available, visit INSE’s official website at or Amazon during Prime Day.

About INSE

Founded in 2019, INSE is a cutting-edge technology company focused on the development and production of high-quality cleaning appliances. The INSE product development team boasts over a decade of experience in product research and development, having participated in designing and developing products for several well-known cleaning brands. The products they have developed and designed have sold more than 8 million units in total. As experts in this field, INSE’s mission is to provide the best cleaning experience for consumers at affordable prices, driving the cleaning industry forward with our innovative and cost-effective solutions.


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