CLAP successfully develops Retardation Film for OLED displays based on its own liquid crystal material technology

Total solution from liquid crystal material design and synthesis to film manufacturing process technology The Retardation Film is currently monopolized in the market Expected to contribute greatly to the diversification of OLED display materials

SEOUL, South Korea, June 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — CLAP (CEO Sungho Kim,, a Korean company specializing in organic semiconductors, display materials and parts, announced on the 28th that it had succeeded in localizing Retardation Film for OLED displays.

OLED is a vivid color self-emissive display, and its application is expanding in various products such as TV, Mobile, IT, and Auto in a thin and flexible form. However, since the metal electrode reflects strong light coming from the outside, the contrast ratio of the display is deteriorated. Accordingly, a solution is needed to reduce the reflectance of OLED displays, and a Retardation Film with a reflection prevention function plays its role.

As a core component of OLED display, Retardation Film is attached to a polarizer and supplied to OLED display panel makers. The Retardation Film market can refer to the size of the OLED polarizer market, and it is expected that the market will grow by 165% from 17 million square meters in 2021 to 28 million square meters in 2025 on an area basis. (resource OMDIA 2022)

CLAP has become a successful company from core raw materials (patent holding) to film manufacturing process technology through its own R&D capabilities.

CLAP has total solution that can manufacture customized liquid crystal materials, synthesis technology, optical simulation, and film to respond to various technology needs and is currently establishing cooperation partnerships with global companies.

Sungho Kim, CEO of CLAP, said, “We are pleased that CLAP has secured from materials to film manufacturing technologies in Retardation Film. In particular, we have independently owned various materials for Retardation Film (e.g., reverse dispersion, photo-alignment, +C plate, etc.), and based on this, we will continue to create innovative values in customers and markets as a material technology company in OLED displays.”

About CLAP

CLAP is a startup established with key personnel with more than 30 years of experience in the organic semiconductor and display industries with investment from CLEANWRAP (, No. 1 household packaging company in Korea. CLAP has about 700 patents related to organic semiconductors and liquid crystal coating technology for OLED panel.

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