CIMC teams up with JD to enhance supplies purchasing, logistics services

SHENZHEN, China, Aug. 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Chinese leading container manufacturer China International Marine Containers (Group) Ltd (CIMC) signed a strategic cooperation agreement with e-commerce giant JD in Beijing on August 8 to step up cooperation in various fields, including supplies purchasing, logistics technology and services, etc.

The two companies will leverage their respective strengths to promote cooperation in the purchasing of industrial products, office supplies, commercial vehicles, logistics vehicles, cold chain equipment and so forth.

With long-standing advantages in the manufacturing of logistics equipment, CIMC will provide strategic support for JD and its subsidiaries in terms of pricing, product customization and services.

JD, meanwhile, will take advantage of its edges in retail, logistics and digitalization to help CIMC and its subsidiaries reduce purchasing costs, enhance purchasing management efficiency and accelerate the process of going digital by offering customized and intelligent solutions.

The two companies also said there is large room for cooperation in the area of logistics technology and services, given that they have differentiated advantages.

While CIMC-TianDa is a leading industry player that excels in providing automated logistics solutions, CIMC Wetrans Logistics Technology(Group)Co.,Ltd can offer end-to-end logistics solutions to clients. JD Logistics, meanwhile, owns integrated supply chain capacity and can provide intelligent supply chain solutions.

Based on those complementary advantages, the two can work together to further enhance their logistics technology and services, they said.

In addition, CIMC and JD will also carry out cooperation in other fields, such as digitalization, enterprise operation services, application of clean energy equipment, cold chain industry solutions, etc.

CIMC said the cooperation in cold chain will also play a role in promoting the country’s rural revitalization drive as an industrial cluster covering planting, processing, cold chain, logistics, e-commerce and marketing will be created with the help of the internet, which will benefit various parties.

It is not the first time that the two companies join hands. CIMC has been one of JD’s core partners and suppliers of automated logistics equipment, small-size cold chain logistics equipment, vehicles and other products. The two have also made a lot of cooperation in international logistics services and industrial products purchasing.