CIEF 2022 concludes! Contracts with an aggregate value of 867 million yuan are signed during the three-day fair, a year-on-year increase of 180%.

GUANGZHOU, China, Sept. 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Break new ground and find a winning formula. Over 2,700 exhibitors participate in the CIEF 2022, a new record over the years and a year-on-year growth of 83%; the fair attracts more than 9,000 exhibition items, an all-time high, rising 80 percent compared with a year ago; 900 international exhibition items are displayed, the highest ever reached and an annual rise of 200 percent; contracts with an aggregate value of 867 million yuan are signed during the three-day fair, a year-on-year increase of 180%…

This is what the CIEF 2022 has achieved while the epidemic prevention and control measures are strictly implemented. he CIEF 2022 is co-hosted by China Association for Science and Technology, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the Central Committee of Jiusan Society, the People’s Government of Guangdong Province, and the People’s Government of Guangzhou Municipality, and co-organized by the People’s Government of Guangzhou Municipality and Asia Digital Group. A metaverse-based showcasing, the first ever feature activity of the CIEF, is held to support the fair’s digital transformation. It also blazes a new trail and provides backing for efficient coordination between Guangzhou COVID response and social and economic development.

The CIEF 2022 has delivered a positive message for Guangzhou as China’s national central city in the current situation in terms of attracting more external investment, providing various services for achievement transformation, fostering a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem, becoming a hub in the global network of factor mobility and resource flow and improving its capacity in and contributing more to the Innovation China program and overall development of Guangdong province and the rest of China.

The autumn harvest is better than the spring scenery and we should stride forward to the future. The CIEF 2022 is a great national event to showcase professional products and technologies, advance the market-oriented and international achievement transformation and introduce popular science products and technologies. A new chapter for achievement transformation will be written after its conclusion.

1. Discussion on the cutting-edge issues: seek new opportunities for industrial development

China’s further development is rooted in manufacturing which is also the main battleground for scientific and technological innovation. In order to stabilize national economic development, Guangzhou is duty bound to implement a consistent policy of “taking industrial development as its top priority and establishing the city’s status as a manufacturing powerhouse”.

CSG Holding Limited is the largest electronic glass manufacturer in the world, but it is always troubled by inconsistent quality of its products. And for this reason, Guangzhou POI-TECH Intelligent Information Technology Company Limited has developed an industrial network system for CSG, using “data + algorithmic model” to calculate the amount of raw materials automatically and precisely. It helps the batch component stability rate grow more than ten fold.

Guangzhou POI-TECH, with its chief scientist being Liu Huanbin, former president of South China University of Technology and foreign member of Russian Academy of Engineering, has attracted many industrial enterprises to find an optimal solution for their production patterns with its help during the fair. The company is carrying out its business based on process modeling, process optimization and other expertise and reviewing current technology supply with a future-oriented perspective in order to cope with the uncertainty of industrial development with digital technology.

“I have made so many scientific research achievements and their non-transformation would be a waste.” said Mr. Liu who is now over eighty but still works at the front-line of digital transformation for manufacturing. Facing the strong demand of professional solutions experienced at the CIEF 2022, he firmly believes that traditional industries could also be sunrise industries after going through the digital transformation.

The company works hard to support industrial development. It is committed to continuous innovation to speed up the transformation. Guangzhou POI-TECH is the epitome of the CIEF high-quality exhibition items. At present, the development of strategic emerging industries

is a priority of China’s national development strategy. Guangzhou, at the forefront of the national scientific and technological development, has not only made forward-looking efforts in this regard, but also made some development gains of the current phase.

The Nanyue Science Satellite, SIACAS Yunyi Industrial Internet Platform, 3D airborne scanner pod, Chinese-industrial-grade long endurance hydrogen-powered drone, blockchain platform developed by CHINA COMSERVICE…there has been a proliferation of advanced technologies showcased during the CIEF 2022 and it proves that China’s innovative engines are powerful.

The consolidation and improvement of urban competitiveness of the Chinese national central city hinges on its continuous and stable economic growth driven by high-quality industrial development. For many years, Guangzhou has cultivated many strategic emerging industries with great potentials, such as intelligent manufacturing, bio-medicine and integrated circuit. These cutting-edge innovative results have become market darlings at the CIEF 2022.

2. An investment pitch presentation: discover the new trends of investing in innovation

September is a time when all things grow freely. The CIEF 2022 provides a “rifle scope” and an “observatory” for investors to find potential investment targets and make smart investment decisions. The Global Internet Innovation Competition, as a part of the fair, has seen many “hardcore” projects.

TPUNB-based Urban IoT project sets two group standards for narrow band IoT communications. Over 300 inventions of narrow band IoT communication system based on TPUNB have been patented and 108 of them are granted an invention patent. Now the first-generation product is included in the resource pool of IT application and innovation industries.

The research team of the low-attitude image space smart recognition and decision project is one of the first research teams for aerospace information R&D. They have made progress at advanced world levels in remote sensing data integration and dynamic monitoring. The model developed by the team is regarded as one of the four major models worldwide.

The smart robot of the intelligent kitchen robot project has obtained 81 patents, of which 23 are invention patents. The robot’s main features include kitchen smoke removal, intelligent seasoning, adding ingredient at different times, auto sauteing, arranging rice cooking flexibly, auto serving, auto cleaning and offering various recipes.

Judging from project and product description, research team composition and share allocation, business mode and other aspects, the jury decides the aforesaid three projects stand out and awards the gold, silver and bronze medal of the competition to them respectively.

“The internet and industrial internet have driven the innovative trends over the past decade, but now we will see more “hard technology” emerging industries arising from innovation.” said Pan Liwen, Managing Director of Gobi Partners, based on his personal experiences. “We began to invest in the GBA since 2016 and now we have invested in over 70 companies in this region. We plan to expand our GBA investment in the future and invest at least US$100 million for the start-ups in this region.”

Apart from the roadshows, more investors have found potential innovation investment targets at the CIEF 2022. For example, a smart manufacturing project has secured an investment of 690 million yuan at the fair. This investment will be used to expand robot development and high-end equipment manufacturing industry.

The better and faster development of innovative start-ups is bound to depend on investor’s support, and the greater return on investment made by the latter also hinges on the former ensuring sustainable results. As the CIEF 2022 becomes a “magnet” for capital, more funding will support the city’s industrial development.

3. Meet guests across the world: pool the ideas of the great minds

Twenty percent of the Nobel Prize is awarded to the residents of a country with a population less than 10 million; the country is home to more than 6,000 start-ups, many R&D centers of Fortune 500 companies and various unicorn companies…and this “land of ideas” is Israel. So how should we introduce and promote Israeli development experiences to China which is thousands of miles away?

At the CIEF 2022, several “great minds” from the advanced regions in the world give their suggestions. Yossi Vardi, the legendary Israeli entrepreneur, addresses the fair and shares his insights in a prerecorded video.

Lyu Qipeng, Director of the Scientific Innovation Center of Guangdong Technion-Israel Institute of Technology (GTIIT), concludes his work experiences in a phrase: seek talents abroad and serve them at home. For example, GTIIT is a school jointly established by the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology and Shantou University and its Israeli professor pool provides overseas professionals.

At the launching ceremony of last year’s CIEF, the Nansha district and Huangpu district of Guangzhou were both awarded as a national offshore entrepreneurship base for overseas professionals, which sets a precedent of the China Association for Science and Technology establishing two national offshore entrepreneurship bases for overseas professionals in one city.

“After last year’s awarding ceremony, the two entrepreneurship bases have followed the guidance of the government, adopted a market-oriented and ecosystem-jointly-building measure, carried out their business by coordinating the government agencies, market operators and networks of cooperation. They have achieved very good results” said a director of Guangzhou Association For Science and Technology.

Apart from that, the offline and online events of the CIEF 2022 & Europe-China Scientific and Technological Summit are successfully held. Wang Ziling, the initiator of the summit, points out that we should bring the superiority of the CIEF in terms of geopolitics, industry and policy of the GBA into full play, provide new impetus to the international innovation network for marine economy and keep building a multi-lateral public cooperation platform for the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Ronald Hall, Fellow of the British Academy, Special Adviser of the European Commission (EU) and ECI Founding Expert, joins the streaming event of the fair from Brussels. He said, “One fifth of the EU regional development projects are related to blue economy, such as green shipping, renewable energy, marine biotechnology and etc. Chinese tech businesses and research institutes are welcomed to work with the EU.”

The CIEF 2022 serves as a “cross-sea bridge” for high and new technological achievement communications and a vehicle for dialogue between experts and scholars at home and abroad. By taking this opportunity, these parties can conduct in-depth international technological cooperation and sustainable collaborative innovations in the GBA in the future and help shape a new development landscape.

4. Cloud-based popular science product and technology exhibition: a new way to visit the fair on your cellphone

The CIEF 2022 for the first time features a metaverse-based exhibition hall. With the help of 5G, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), artificial intelligence (AI), cloud technology and other new information technologies, a high-quality and efficient digital display and business matchmaking platform is established.

In the meantime, the CIEF 2022 online exhibition hall mainly adopts streaming, 3D booth and other forms to showcase the products and solutions. Visual display of the exhibition items as the main feature is supported by pictures and captions. Personalized booths are provided to the exhibitors to provide custom service and achieve “online + offline” interaction.

Visit the fair and check out the popular science information on your cellphone. With the Online CIEF 2022 app, users can choose and check out their favorite booth in the 3D-animation-made exhibition hall; they can also select their own cartoon avatar and explore the exhibition hall by controlling the movement of the avatar.

Scientific and technological innovation and science popularization are the two wings for innovative development which needs both of them to soar in the skies. The CIEF 2022 for the first time includes a popular science product and technology exhibition area to showcase the latest results, popular science products and technologies of the popular science industry by tapping into the two fields. Nearly 200 exhibitors showcase over 700 products in this area, including new energy, new materials, digital and information technology, electronic equipment, environment protection and other industries.

For example, if a user clicks the “Huangpu Institute of Materials”, several function buttons will pop out, including “make an appointment” and “make instant inquiry”. The user can also find the profile and research and development results and other information of the institute here. General visitors can learn more about science and technology with this function, and it also offers an opportunity for in-depth communication between the institute and potential investors and collaborative enterprises.

When research institutes and technology companies introduce the latest scientific and technological application scenarios to the public on the stage, more scientific and technological innovation results will be learned by them.

After leaving the popular science product and technology exhibition area, visitors can also check out the Innovation China pilot city (park) exhibition area, start-up exhibition area, Belt and Road Initiative international results exhibition area, the exhibition area for communication of employment and entrepreneurship results of Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan youth in Guangzhou, Nansha district development results exhibition area and etc. Without leaving their home, visitors can experience over 20 exhibition areas on their cellphone and have a wonderful time at the online fair.

5. A fair that never concludes; build a new platform for data interoperability

Those who learn the trends are wise, but those who drive the trends win. Tested by the COVID-19 epidemic, the CIEF 2022 has decided the online events as its “main battleground”. Bucking the trend, it has shaped a new development landscape and the China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Trading Service Platform has been upgraded to the Innovation China Guangzhou Station which can support innovative achievement transformation 24/7.

By adopting the innovative operating model of “exhibition service + technology trading”, harnessing the power of big data, AI and other next-generation information technologies and with “innovative achievement trading” as its core business, the platform can provide many innovative and ecosystem-oriented services, such as online CIEF events, industry demand hall, scientific and technological R&D results, scientific and technological R&D service, scientific and technological R&D finance, scientific and technological R&D policy, innovation activities, scientific innovation ecology and data big-screen.

In the meantime, based on the ecosystem-oriented idea for scientific and technological R&D achievement transformation, the platform also introduces navigation bars of “I am a company owner”, “I am an expert”, “I am a technical manager”, “I am a service provider” and “I am an investor” to reflect its unique user mentality. For example, if a user logins the platform as an expert, he/she can release his/her research results, check the industry demands and receive orders on the platform.

In addition, the platform uses the “ten steps” for technical need mining creatively for an in-depth and comprehensive mining for company technical needs, achieves intelligent supply-demand matching and precise business matchmaking and provides full life cycle management for online achievement trading. The platform showcases the scientific innovation resources in the region in a big-data-backed and panoramic map. It also offers a comprehensive picture of the innovative ecology of Innovation China Guangzhou Station by tallying and analyzing the resources and data of the platform from the data big-screen.

Specifically, Innovation China Guangzhou Station has five major intelligent functions as smart mining, smart business matchmaking, smart trading, smart service and smart display. The platform fully pools the enterprises, professionals, services, capital and other innovation resources, organizes supply-demand matching, increases the contribution of financial capital to this endeavor and promotes achievement transformation. It will help solve the long-term problem of two governing systems of achievement transformation.

When users log in the web page, they can find the scientific and technological achievement transformation data updated in real time on the big screen, which is like an innovative momentum keeping surging and the vigorous endeavor made by the Innovation China program builders.

The three-day CIEF 2022 has concluded, but our efforts will not stop here as we have embarked on a new journey. Next, Guangzhou will keep breaking down the barriers of achievement transformation, matching investors with investment targets, clearing the way for innovation and safeguarding the trading so that more “stories of spring” can take place at the coast of the South China Sea.