Church Brothers Farms Chooses ThroughPut Inc. for AI-powered Supply Chain Predictions

Vertically integrated fresh produce supplier leverages AI-powered supply chain capabilities to forecast future product demand and profitability analysis

PALO ALTO, Calif., Oct. 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Church Brother Farms, a leading fresh vegetable grower, processor, and shipper announced today that it has chosen ThroughPut Inc., the industrial AI supply chain pioneer, as its preferred supply chain data partner. This decision is driven by Church Brothers’ initiative to leverage its data to better serve its customers, and to guide its decision making process to optimize profitability.  Church Brothers grows over 40,000 acres and ships more than 50 million cartons on 60,000+ trucks annually, across over 400 skus, presenting a complex organizational scope suited for ThroughPut’s vast capabilities.

The partnership will empower Church Brothers to plan for demand fulfillment and capacity more accurately in the near, medium and long term. It will also enable AI-powered profitability analysis based on dynamic, multivariable analysis – allowing the company to accelerate value generation, as well as margins.

Church Brothers Farms is a fully vertically integrated, family-owned and operated business that produces and processes a full range of fresh vegetables year-round. They have in-house growing and harvest programs, and state-of-the-art processing plants in the U.S. and Mexico. The company differentiates itself from competition through a legacy of product line breadth, innovation and an unerring focus on customer experience that has spanned multiple generations.

In today’s increasingly unpredictable and competitive markets, agribusinesses need to consistently deliver more value in the face of volatile resources – labor, land, inputs, time, assets, and weather – while still growing shareholder value. Church Brothers’ extensive product line, while a competitive point of differentiation, adds an exponential level of complexity to its sales and operations planning process.

“At Church Brothers, customer satisfaction drives every action we take. Planning for enough production to serve our customers’ growth, while avoiding an oversupply of highly perishable crops is an elusive challenge that ultimately drives our success,” explained Rick Russo, Sr. Vice President of Sales & Marketing. “A variety of pressures on the grower community has pushed our lead times for crop planning from what used to be six months, to as far out as eighteen months.  ThroughPut enables us to rapidly analyze an enormous amount of granular sales data, and generate a base sales forecast every week, going out a year and a half.  There will always be adjustments to that forecast based on known variables not yet captured by the data, but to have a solid starting point at our fingertips at all times is a game changer for us,” said Russo.

“Church Brothers, with its focus on community, quality, reliability, and speedy order fulfillment is already a top favored vegetable supplier in the US,” said Seth Page, COO of ThroughPut Inc. “By leveraging ThroughPut’s Supply Chain AI, Church Brothers is proactively predicting demand more accurately to prioritize order fulfillment at the right time, place, and quantity. With their continual embrace of innovation in their long-term vision, Church Brothers will further optimize their entire value chain for greater business, operations, financial and sustainability results,” he added. 

ThroughPut empowers leading food, beverage and agricultural companies across the globe to drive continued growth in the face of increasingly adverse market conditions via minimization of demand and supply variance, effective management of escalating costs, and elimination of material and monetary waste by leveraging AI-powered bottleneck management, smart pricing and multi-dimensional customer segmentation and prioritization. As the company works to stabilize critical food supply chains across the globe, it continues to help businesses balance their supply chain operations by effectively managing demand, capacity, inventories and customer experience – thus setting a solid foundation for strong, sustained growth.

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About Church Brothers Farms

Church Brothers Farms is a vertically integrated family owned and operated company that produces a full line of fresh vegetables year round. Church Brothers has an in-house farming/harvest program and state of the art processing plants in the U.S. and Mexico. The Church family has a legacy of service and innovation in the Salinas Valley that spans multiple generations.

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About ThroughPut Inc is a Silicon Valley-based Supply Chain AI leader that puts Industrial material flow on Autopilot by leveraging existing Enterprise Data to achieve superior Business, Operations, Financial and Sustainability Results. ThroughPut’s AI-powered Supply Chain software predicts Demand, reorients Production Capacity, reassigns Warehouse Space, and reorders materials optimally, so businesses minimize overpromising and under-delivering, and maximize for their desired outcomes. ThroughPut improves material flow and free-cash-flow across the entire end-to-end value chain far faster than leading contemporary and legacy solutions. The founding team is led by seasoned serial entrepreneurs with real-world AI, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Transportation and Operational experience, from the shop-floor to the top-floor, at leading Fortune 500 Industrial Companies & pioneering Enterprise Technology companies.

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