Chroma ATE Showcases Advanced Test Technology to Propel the AI Revolution at SEMICON Taiwan 2023

TAOYUAN, Aug. 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Chroma ATE Inc., a leading provider of automated test equipment, is participating in SEMICON Taiwan 2023. The company will exhibit a series of innovative test solutions with a focus on artificial intelligence (AI), high-performance computing (HPC), automotive, and AIoT applications, aiming to meet the ever-evolving needs of semiconductor testing.

Chroma ATE Showcases Advanced Test Technology to Propel the AI Revolution at SEMICON Taiwan 2023

Advanced SoC/Analog Test Solutions

The Chroma 3650-S2 SoC/Analog Test System is a high-performance Power IC test platform that meets the needs of today’s high-voltage, high-current, and complex digital control Power ICs. It comes equipped with up to 768 digital I/O and analog pins with a power supply capacity of up to 3000V or 320A, featuring a 200Mbps data rate and 300ps edge placement accuracy (EPA). It’s an ideal choice for testing lithium battery management system (BMS) ICs, power management ICs (PMIC), and GaN- and SiC-related power ICs.

The Chroma 3680 Advanced SoC Test System effectively meets the testing needs of bleeding-edge chips used in AI and automotive technologies. The system provides up to 2048 I/O pins with data rates up to 1Gbps, supports up to 16G SCAN vector memory, and offers a variety of test modules for users to choose from. It has the capability to simultaneously perform digital logic, parametric test unit, power, memory, mixed-signal, and RF wireless communication tests.

RF Chip Test Solutions

The Chroma 3680/3380/3300 Automated Test Systems, integrated with the RFIC Tester Model 35806, offer a comprehensive radio frequency (RF) chip test solution that has already been validated for mass production by our customers. This enhanced solution supports a range of applications including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NB-IoT, as well as GPS/BeiDou and Tuner & PA IoT communication standards. Notably, it features an ultra-high frequency bandwidth VSG/VSA module with coverage ranging from 300K all the way up to 6GHz, making it suitable for a broad spectrum of emerging wireless communication standards.

SLT Tri-Temp Test Solution

Chroma 31000R-L is a Tri-Temp test system designed to meet the most demanding thermal test requirements. With stable temperature control capabilities ranging from -40°C to +150°C and DUT (Device Under Test) cooling capacity of up to 1,800W, this system is an ideal choice as a high-end IC Tri-Temp test solution.

The Chroma 31000R-L can be seamlessly paired with Chroma models such as 3210, 3110, 3260, and 3200, providing a comprehensive SLT (System Level Test) Tri-Temp test solution suitable for both lab and fab environments. Chroma’s Tri-Temp test solution caters to a diverse array of advanced and high-end IC applications, including Automotive, AI & Data Center, GPU, APU, HPC, Aerospace, and Defense. Designed to ensure that ICs perform flawlessly in harsh environments, this is the optimal choice for product reliability testing.

Insulation Quality Guardian for Power Semiconductor Devices

Power semiconductor devices (e.g., IGBTs, SiC-MOSFETs) are used in various fields which tend to employ high power/large current for power conversion/control circuits, and isolators (e.g., optocouplers, digital isolators) are used in environments where the voltage difference between two sides (i.e. primary side and secondary side) needs to be isolated. Because higher voltage differences or potential differences appear across these components, it is very important to ensure that these components can maintain a good voltage insulation under normal operating conditions and have no continuous partial discharge (PD) which can lead to insulation degradation. Chroma 19501 Series Partial Discharge Tester complies with the PD measurement requirement of IEC 60270-1, and the test methods specified in the regulation have been designed into the instrument. It can provide AC Hipot test (max. 10kVac) and partial discharge measurement (max. 6000pC), which can effectively ensure the quality and reliability of long-term operation for power semiconductor devices and isolators.

Advanced Packaging Test Solutions

For advanced packaging processes, Chroma has developed contactless optical inspection equipment using proprietary technology. Chroma 7961 in situ AOI assists customers in detecting defects during the manufacturing process, enabling real-time analysis and control of production quality. The Chroma 7980 2D/3D Wafer Metrology System, featuring our patented BLiS technology, provides nanoscale 2D/3D critical dimension (CD) measurements. With hardware and software optimized for specific applications, Chroma 7980 has already seen use in various 2D/3D CD metrology applications for advanced packaging processes such as TSV and RDL.

Nanoparticle monitoring system for semiconductor materials

As the quality demands for semiconductor materials continue to escalate, material inspection and monitoring become all the more critical. The SuperSizer In-line Nanoparticle Monitoring System successfully identifies nanoparticles and impurities of liquid chemicals that affect the production yield, helping processing engineers to “see” ultrafine particles in technology nodes below 20 nanometers (nm). The measurement process is completely undisturbed by nanobubbles and accurately measures the size and quantity distribution of particles as small as 3 nm, enabling users to control risks and get a full grasp on yield.

At SEMICON Taiwan 2023 (September 6-8), Chroma will proudly showcase its diverse array of test solutions at Booth K2776, Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1, 1st Floor. We are also excited to participate in the Semiconductor Advanced Inspection and Metrology Forum, where we will discuss innovative metrology solutions for process inspection in semiconductor advanced packaging. Come join us in exploring the latest test and measurement trends, we look forward to connecting with you!