Chris Lee Sings the Promotional Song for BBC’s Frozen Planet II, a Co-production with MIGU Video

BEIJING, Dec. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Now, 11 years later, the annual BBC Earth series, Frozen Planet II, co-produced by MIGU Video, will be exclusively aired on the Chinese online video platform at 10:00 am Beijing time on December 17. The music video of the international promotional song for the series, Send Them Home, co-created by famous Chinese pop singer Chris Lee and award-winner German composer Hans Zimmer, will first premiere on MIGU Video and MIGU Music on December 16, giving audiences everywhere an opportunity to enjoy the elements of nature in the music.

Chris Lee sings the promotional song for Frozen Planet II, a co-production of BBC and MIGU Video

Lee has long devoted herself to the cause of environmental protection and served as both the Sichuan Panda Ambassador and Earth Hour China Ambassador, roles that gave her a platform from which she has called on the public to pay attention to climate change and build environmental awareness in practice. Lee’s unremitting efforts at raising the alarm about the need for environmental protection fit perfectly with the central idea of Frozen Planet II. On the track, Send It Home, she interprets the intended message of the documentary’s various episodes, expressing the fascination she feels as she observes the diversity of nature and of the creatures that inhabit the world’s coldest regions, while evoking the spirit of reverence and respect for nature… and reminding us of how important it is to protect those revered creatures and the environment that they need to survive.

Frozen Planet II is another masterpiece from BBC’s powerful Earth series. The film crew spent three years traveling to 18 countries and regions around the world, using the most advanced photography to make the six episodes – Frozen Worlds, Frozen Oceans, Frozen Peaks, Frozen South, Frozen Lands, and Our Frozen Planet, each of which allows viewers to experience the wonder of our planet’s frozen realms from different perspectives. Going further than Series 1, the lineup of episodes explores the frozen worlds beyond the Poles – witnessing the unknown natural mysteries in our high mountains, frozen deserts, snowbound forests, and ice-cold oceans, while documenting in vivid detail the wildlife in each chilly habitat and the evolution of the local natural ecology. The changing frozen planet is a recurring theme highlighted by the series, which will also showcase how regions covered in ice and snow for millennia have been altered as a result of global warming. Through the documentary, viewers can learn about the severe effects of these unprecedented changes on the local habitat, raising their awareness of the significance of these frozen areas in Earth’s ecology as well as of the critical importance of environmental conservation.

In addition to the six-part series, every Wednesday at noon starting on December 21, China Mobile MIGU, which has exclusive rights to the series, will release 6 mini episodes of Frozen Planet II, to which Winter Olympic champion Wang Meng, women’s football goalkeeper Zhao Lina and singer Wu Jiacheng, among other guests, have been invited and where they will lend their voices to the animals in the documentary such as the king penguins, skeleton shrimps and wolves that populate the habitat, bringing to life the best and most vivid moments that belong to each of these species.