Choubao Luosifen Tops China’s New Year Shopping Festival Best-Selling Lists, Revealing Remarkable New Consumption Trends

The Company’s aromatic river snail rice noodles are an enormous hit with the younger generation in China

LIUZHOU, China, March 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Choubao, a Chinese luosifen or river snail rice noodles brand, has claimed the number one spot on the authoritative 2023 Tmall New Year’s Shopping Festival List, widely accepted as the weathervane for highlighting consumer trends among top-selling brands in China. Choubao topped both the overall best-selling list and the luosifen best-selling list thanks to huge monthly sales of over 100,000 among other key indicators.

River snail rice noodles are made using a soup made with freshwater river snails (not to be mistaken with their land snail cousins) and unique rice noodles from Liuzhou in Guangxi in China. They are typically mixed with pickled bamboo shoots, edible fungus, peanuts, fried tofu, green vegetables, and other ingredients and have a refreshing sour and spicy flavor with a distinct aroma that has really caught the attention of the tastebuds of younger generations in China in recent years.

The annual Tmall New Year’s Shopping Festival List identifies current trends by ranking major categories based on sales volumes and amounts during the non-stop shopping period over the Spring Festival holidays. Luosifen has experienced strong growth in recent years and remains one of the top choices for consumers. According to sales data from the Tmall list, the turnover of luosifen in 2022 increased by 1500 percent compared with 2021, with the number of people who bought luosifen increasing by almost 900 percent year-on-year. This impressive growth reflects the development of the luosifen industry and the trend towards consumption upgrades based on quality rather than pricing. According to data released by the Liuzhou Municipal Government, sales revenue of prepackaged luosifen reached 18.2 billion yuan in 2022, a year-on-year increase of 19.6 percent.

The key driver of changes in consumption trends for New Year’s goods is closely related to shifts in the structure of the main consumer groups of these products. According to marketing technology platform, Alimama, the number of people born after 1995 purchasing goods during the Spring Festival is rapidly increasing, and younger consumers are driving innovation among brands participating in the New Year’s Shopping Festival, with Choubao Luosifen as a typical and successful one.

“The river snail rice noodle market has a wide scope for development and has robust growth potential,” said the General Manager of Guangxi Weinian Industrial Co., Choubao’s parent company. “It is only through a strong focus on branding and producing high quality products that we can realize long-term development. We have been fortunate enough to be one of the early promoters and witnesses of the successful rise of the river snail rice noodle industry.”

About Choubao Luosifen

Choubao Luosifen is a popular food brand that specializes in river snail rice noodles with a mission of “Creating Happiness.” Choubao’s brand concept is “Big Bite, Big Happiness.” The brand is committed to promoting Liuzhou river snail rice noodles to the world and hopes to make the world fall in love with the taste of China.