CHiQ Launches Its New Washing Machines in the Philippines

CHiQ continues to expand in Southeast Asia with better home appliances and services

MANILA, Philippines, July 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In June 2022, CHiQ launched its new washing machines in the Philippines. The two series of washing machines, the impeller and drum models, made their first appearance in the market through the Shopee platform.

The CHiQ washing machine’s 487 mm-deep chamber allows for a space-saving ultra-thin body. The unit is easy to install and, with its slim and elegant design, snugly fits into any décor, facilitating placement virtually anywhere in the home.

The drum’s 530 mm inner diameter means lots of room for the wash. Its powerful washing force significantly increases the amount of clothing that can be handled in one cycle, meeting the needs of large families who may need to wash many articles of clothing at once. The machine’s inverter motor assures a smooth and quiet cleaning cycle. The inner drum incorporates the unique water drop wheel and seamless welding technology to prevent damage to clothing fibers.

The intelligent one-key washing and control eliminates the complicated decision-making process when setting up a load to be washed. A wide range of smart features includes, among others, automated weighing of the load and setting of water level and temperature. With 15 washing cycles to choose from, including the 15-minute fast wash, in combination with high-temperature drum cleaning, convenience is maximized for users. 

Backed by its dedicated R&D team and washing machine smart industrial park that spans 180,000 square meters, CHiQ plans to continue the progression towards inverter-based, intelligent, noise-free, energy- and water-efficient equipment to benefit more consumers. In 2018, CHiQ made significant investments to establish this industrial park, the park is equipped with international first-class and industry-leading automated production equipment, as well as highly efficient, high-quality, intelligent production lines, ensuring excellent quality and exquisite craftsmanship in the production of the brand’s washing machines. 

CHiQ entered the Philippines in early 2021 with placements on the country’s leading e-commerce platforms, Lazada and Shopee, starting with its TV and refrigerator product lineups. After nearly two years of development, CHiQ is already a mainstay on the Philippines leading commerce platforms and widely accepted by partners and shoppers throughout the country. CHiQ has been recognized as the top-selling TV brand on the Shopee platform multiple times. In 2021, it won the Lazada Annual Best Brand Nomination Award. 

In addition to Philippines, CHiQ washing machines are available in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and Vietnam. Later on, it will be made available in more countries throughout Southeast Asia. To give consumers in the region better home appliances and services, CHiQ plans to keep extending its product lines, diversifying the product categories, while improving the product quality and services. CHiQ will also focus on maximizing user value in its expansion by continuously enhancing CHiQ smart home product solutions, to meet the personalized needs of consumers worldwide with better products and services.