CHiQ Brings +More Innovation to Influence the Home Appliance Market

CHENGDU, China, Sept. 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Guided by the principle of “less effort, more living”, CHiQ aims to improve quality of life for its users with smart and dependable products that handle essential tasks intelligently and with ease, whereby customers can lead happier and more relaxed lives.


With these objectives in mind, CHiQ launched the +More campaign – anchored by a commitment to improve the lives of its users globally with products that give them more, whether it is +Design, +Choice, +Creative, +Style and +Value, the brand’s goal is to add value for better living.

Driven by CHiQ’s customer-first mission to create more colorful and enriching lives for its users, the +More campaign has since demonstrated empirically how its products improves quality of life. 

Never satisfied with only meeting basic demands, CHiQ has taken into account the most important customer needs and feedback to updated its mission for +More in 2022 with the following core values: +Effort, +Possibility, +Expectations and +Possibilities.

CHiQ demonstrates and delivers these values with the following: 


CHiQ makes technical aspects and functionality of its products a top priority, and is dedicated to producing home appliances that are more suited to meeting the needs of users’ daily lives. This commitment to a higher level of technical excellence is exemplified in CHiQ Refrigerators, which are designed with users’ well-being and optimal nutrition in mind. The refrigerators are equipped with low frost technology for less build up of ice and more storage space. They also come with powerful inverters to maintain several cold temperature zones to keep different foods fresh, as well as the four-star freezing button to freeze food quickly and lock in freshness. 


In addition to satisfying customers’ demands for great home appliances, CHiQ actively pursues the possibility for further breakthroughs. This pursuit of technological innovation and breakthrough is evident in the G7PF, G7L Series TV – which assumes the role of a control hub for your home, as well as an immersive home cinema that is truly extraordinary. The new G7PF line of CHiQ TVs features a frameless design, high screen-to-body ratio for a cinema-like experience, and a 64-bit quad core processor that enables automatic analysis and adjustments on screen for an ultra-immersive viewing. With Google assistant and hands-free voice control built in, users are able to control all their smart appliances through the TV via voice commands in 30+ scenarios, making their lives easier with a single device. 


CHiQ is not content with just attaining the good standard, and expects to deliver more with products that are pleasing and user-friendly, as well as having a solid scientific basis. This dedication to exceed expectations can be seen in the CHiQ Washing Machine – which gives users even more comfort than they would expect. Its cutting-edge ultra-slim and embeddable design makes it easy to install in even small spaces, while it comes with a large drum for washing more clothes, and advanced welding skills for better deep cleaning performance.


Not satisfied with merely meeting customers’ needs, CHiQ aims to bring more possibilities to improve their lives – based on their true feedback and stories shared. A case in point is the CHiQ 32P625Q UltraSlim Monitor, with a 31.5” ultra-slim frameless screen that is designed for maximum comfortable viewing. Its large screen display and switching function also enables home or office work easily, with a multi-window desktop ideal for browsing and managing documents. In addition, its 100% sRGB wide gamut offers 1.07 billion colors for the most lifelike and vivid images – to empower the ultimate immersive viewing experience and possibilities. 

The math is simple: +Effort+Possibility+Expectations+Possibilities = CHiQ, the home appliance solution for consumers that want +More from life. The brand is also anchored by the company’s mission to “Create the World-Class Home Appliance Brand, and Building the Leading Global Smart Home Company”.

Today, CHiQ has entered more than 30 countries and regions in Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and the South America, and has expanded its presence on over 40 e-commerce platforms, with products covering TVs, refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, monitors, among others.