Chinese Material Handling Champion ONGOAL Debuted at Battery Show Europe

STUTTGART, Germany, July 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — From June 28th to 30th, the largest and most professional battery industry exhibition in Europe, Battery Show Europe 2022 was held at the Stuttgart Exhibition Center in Germany. With a new VI image, ONGOAL brought its battery homogenization solutions and anode and cathode material solutions to the event.

ONGOAL ‘s marketing director Jo Huang told reporter that “ONGOAL is looking forward to taking the show as an opportunity to conduct in-depth exchanges and discussions with partners and customers in the lithium battery industry. We can help in the transformation and upgrading of lithium battery materials procession and electrode homogenization with leading equipment and solutions in pursuit of a  sustainable development of the new energy industry.”

ONGOAL brought its battery homogenization solutions and anode and cathode material solutions to the event.

One-Stop Solution for Anode and Cathode Materials

At Battery Show Europe 2022, ONGOAL brought a one-stop solution for anode and cathode materials procession, including unpacking & feeding, pneumatic conveying, metering & batching, crushing & coating, screening & demagnetization, mixing, packaging, control systems and intelligent control system, etc.

One-stop full-process service from design planning, construction guidance, to essential equipment manufacturing and after-sales service Rich experience in delivering projects for renowned customers and intensive know-how of leveraging the lithium battery industry supply chain Equipment in line with the trend of large-scale production, such as the ribbon mixer with capacity up to 30m³ Can provide a highly repeatable standardized process to deliver an intelligent and green production line of anode and cathode materials

Equipment and Solutions for Battery Slurry Mixing

In the field of battery homogenization, double-planetary slurry mixer, circulating high-efficiency slurry mixer and continuous double screw mixer are the three mainstream pulping processes at present. ONGOAL has been continuously increasing investment in R&D in state-of-the-art slurry mixing equipment. At present, its products matrix includes double-planetary mixers, high-efficiency slurry mixer and double-screw continuous mixer. It is one of the few in the industry that masters all three generations equipment.

In addition to stand-alone equipment, ONGOAL also provides intelligent homogenization production lines. The system is specially designed for battery slurry production, including raw material (powder & solvent) storage, metering, conveying, stirring and dispersion and slurry conveying. For enterprises at different development levels, we can provide bespoke mixing equipment and process design to meet the needs of customers of different scales.

Though the first time to participate in an international show, ONGOAL has attracted the attention of many domestic and foreign battery manufacturers for its advantages of one-stop solution.


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ONGOAL offers scientific research, design, production, sales and software development services related to material handling automation solutions, such as material feeding and storage, automatic feeding, pneumatic conveying, metering and batching, mixing and stirring, and intelligent control software. ONGOAL ‘s products and systems are widely used in new energy battery homogenization, battery material procession, fine chemicals, food and medicine, rubber and plastics and other industries. It is a trustworthy material handling expert around you.

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