Chindata Wins Two Prestigious Data Center Industry Awards for Its Power and Cooling Innovations

BEIJING, Dec. 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Chindata Group, (“Chindata” or the “Company”) (Nasdaq: CD), one of the industry leaders in carrier-neutral hyperscale data center solutions, was recently gained wider recognition for its cutting-edge hyperscale data center innovative technology application on the prestigious W.Media Asia Pacific Cloud & Datacenter Awards. Two of the group’s leading projects stood out from more than 200 nominations and were awarded the W.Media Awards – Innovation Award (Hyperscale Innovation), showcasting Chindata’s core strengths in the innovation and technology application.

The W.Media Awards in Singapore is one of the most prestigious awards that recognizes excellence in key technologies in global data center industry, covering energy efficiency, sustainable design, connectivity, carbon reduction, sustainable transformation, and hyperscale innovations.

Chindata’s commitment to ensuring the quality of each of its projects in efficiency, performance and environmental impact was well recognized by the committee of W.Media Awards.The MY06 in Johor, Malaysia, is a representative project of Chindata to export the successful experience and innovative technology of China’s hyperscale data center to the emerging Asia-Pacific markets. Noted for its power and cooling innovation, MY06 is unique as it is the first of its kind in Southeast Asia to adopt a build-to-suit (BTS) approach for a hyperscale size of 110 MW IT power. The design and build of MY06 phase 1 (20MW) were one of the leading innovation in Prefabricated, Prefinished Volumetric Construction (PPVC) construction methodology. This enables the project to deliver ahead of time and set benchmarks for the industry. The W.Media Awards appreciated the project’s agile delivery, overall security, stability, and green compliance with a Power Usage Efficiency (PUE) of less than 1.2, setting a new standard for tropical regions and leading the best energy efficiency practices in Southeast Asia.

Also recognized by W.Media Awards, the Huailai Data Center Industry Cluster (“HQ Huailai”) in Hebei, China, is the Asia-Pacific region’s largest single data center that adopts exceptionally efficient power supply and cooling technology. As one of Chindata’s key projects, HQ Huailai adopts a number of self-developed cooling technologies with a focus on sustainability, carbon reduction, waste recovery, and efficiency across all levels of the site.

As an industry leader in hyperscale data center solutions in emerging markets around the Asia-Pacific region, Chindata always upholds the belief that technology is the driving force for its business innovation and development. By the end of the third quarter of 2022, Chindata had 400 approved and pending patents, covering multiple fields such as renewable energy power solutions, data center energy saving, environmentally friendly buildings, water recycling, and heat recovery. Chindata’s R&D team conducts independent research to consistently provide new technical innovations and drive the industry toward better efficiency and carbon neutrality. Moving forward, Chindata will continue to invest in technological innovation to develop greener practices and support partners across the Asia-Pacific region.

About Chindata Group

Chindata is a leading carrier-neutral hyperscale data center solution provider in Asia-Pacific emerging markets and a first mover in building next-generation hyperscale data centers in China, India and Southeast Asia markets, focusing on the whole life cycle of facility planning, investment, design, construction and operation of ecosystem infrastructure in the IT industry. Chindata provides its clients with business solutions in major countries and regions in Asia-Pacific emerging markets, including asset-heavy ecosystem chain services such as industrial bases, data centers and network services.