China Telecom Radiates Brilliance at MWC 2024

Leading the Intelligent-Driven Future by New Digital Infrastructure

HONG KONG, March 5, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — On February 26, 2024, the World Mobile Communications Congress (MWC 2024) commenced in Barcelona, Spain. China Telecom made its debut at the exhibition under the theme “Leading the Intelligent-Driven Future by New Digital Infrastructure.” The company focused on three main areas: New Cloud, New Connectivity, and New Utilities, showcasing the achievements of cutting-edge technologies in building a digital future. It highlighted the core elements of the digital economy era and the future trend driven by intelligent digital infrastructure.

In the “New Cloud” exhibition area, China Telecom showcased its meticulous work in the field of “cloud-network integration” for over a decade. It not only continuously strengthened the foundation of global computing infrastructure but also combined it with the independently developed platforms “Hui Ju,” “Yun Xiao,” and “Xi Rang.” Through this integration, China Telecom demonstrated the synergistic convergence of hardware and software in solutions such as “ezStack,” an all in one HCI stack, and “Ling Ze,” data elements service platform. These solutions enable applications in various scenarios such as large-scale model training, autonomous driving, life sciences, 3D applications, VR, AR, metaverse, digital humans, and more.

In the “New Connectivity” exhibition area, China Telecom prominently showcased the Tian Tong-1 satellite service, which combines platforms and physical devices. The Tian Tong-1 satellite system is one of the four major international satellite mobile communication systems, alongside Iridium, Inmarsat, and Globalstar. This system provides coverage within China’s territory, as well as in 17 countries, regions, and surrounding sea areas. Visitors had the opportunity to interact with on-site explanations to gain a detailed understanding of the system’s comprehensive coverage capabilities across all time, space, and regions, as well as China Telecom’s development story behind the self-developed 6G wireless simulation platform and the prototype of the 6G distributed network.

Furthermore, the exhibition area also featured quantum secure communication exhibits, including customized terminals for quantum secure communication and quantum secure network, as well as hardware devices such as “quantum secure communication” office software. Exhibitors had the chance to intuitively grasp the latest features of quantum secure communication and office products through a combination of physical exhibits and demonstration platforms.

In the “New Utilities” exhibition area, China Telecom showcased a rich array of 5G benchmark cases, demonstrating its integrated product system that covers “cloud, network, edge, terminal, data, intelligence, and security.” It showcased the latest achievements in empowering digital transformation through the implementation of digital applications and solutions.

Based on a unified lightweight cloud infrastructure, the fully cloud-based 5G customized network provided a self-service platform for customers. It enabled the unified management of various networks such as cloud, 5G, industrial PON, and WiFi, as well as applications. This solution has accelerated the digital transformation across more than 10 typical industries, including industrial manufacturing, petroleum and petrochemicals, energy and power, coal and mining. It has witnessed the transformation of thousands of businesses from traditional models to new formats.

Through these examples, China Telecom demonstrated its ability to empower digital transformation by providing a comprehensive and unified network infrastructure and management system, enabling industries to embrace the benefits of cloud computing, 5G, and other advanced technologies.

At the core of 5G intelligent manufacturing, the focus is on the intelligent industrial control core system that promotes the replacement of humans with machines and enables flexible production. The 5G industrial digital twin private network solution relies on 5G+TSN (Time-Sensitive Networking) and edge cloud technologies to provide deterministic wireless transmission. It offers customized services to companies and industrial parks such as BASF, FLEX, and BASF’s integrated base in Zhanjiang.

In addition, China Telecom’s previously announced open-source industry large-scale model also made a stunning appearance. Visitors had the opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of the specific practices of implementing large-scale models in various industries and sectors.

In the computing power interaction area, eSurfing Cloud Laptop, seamlessly integrates mobile office, online learning, and leisure entertainment functions, providing a rich “future experience” for the audience. It allows them to effortlessly enjoy the fun of digital office work and entertainment in the future. The interactive experience of ” Back to Ancient China AI Photo Interaction Experience ” breaks the barriers of space and time, providing a digital cultural experience. It has garnered enthusiastic participation from numerous overseas visitors, igniting their excitement and interest.

The journey of building digital infrastructure is both challenging and adventurous, and China Telecom has navigated through obstacles and breakthroughs for over a decade, giving birth to various dazzling forms of digitization and nurturing different flavors of intelligent solutions. Looking towards the future, China Telecom will continue to lead with technological innovation, accelerate the development of new digital infrastructure through the integration of cloud and network, enhance the supply capacity of digital elements, and foster greater openness and cooperation. It aims to contribute to the construction of a new global digital economic development pattern.