China Telecom Global Participated in “Hong Kong Fintech Week 2022” Demonstrating the Cloud-Network Capability and One-Stop Financial Solution to Drive Digital Transformation for the Finance Industry

HONG KONG, Nov. 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The seventh edition of the city’s flagship fintech event, Hong Kong Fintech Week has successfully kicked off on October 31 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Under the theme of “Pushing Boundaries, Reaping Benefits” this year, the five-day event will attract more than 20,000 attendees from over 80 economies around the world. China Telecom Global Limited (“China Telecom Global”), one of the world’s largest providers of integrated telecommunication services, has participated in “Hong Kong FinTech Week 2022” with the theme of “Digitalised Finance, Intelligentised Solutions”, demonstrating an abundant set of core capabilities and services as the industry-leading one-stop finance solution both physically and virtually.

On the first day of the event, Mr. Wu Xiaolei, Executive Vice President of China Telecom Global, was invited to attend a panel discussion at the event with the theme of “Cloud Computing: The Building Blocks of Agile FinTech”, covering a wide range of topics such as the importance of cloud infrastructure to FSI industry, the solutions to tackle emerging cloud vulnerabilities, cyber threats, and the benefits of building a strategic ecosystem for financial institutions and cloud service providers. Over 250 distinguished speakers, 400 sponsors and exhibitors, and more than 30 international delegations attended the session.

Mr. Wu Xiaolei expressed, “With rapid development in the FSI industry and its impact towards traditional business models under the new normal, FSIs realise that it is critical to building flexible, integrated and automated infrastructures to achieve long-term development. China Telecom Global, deeply involved in the global telecom industry for years, always upholds a customer-oriented approach as the core value of our business and adheres to the changing needs of customers in the FSI sector to provide one-stop digital solutions. At present, China Telecom Cloud ranked NO.1 in telecom cloud operator worldwide. Through our abundant cloud resources around the world, we help our customers build hybrid cloud infrastructure supporting multi-cloud vendors for their financial institutions. Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Modelling, we provide risk analysis capabilities for customers, achieving high business efficiency and value-added capabilities under adapting business scenarios. Moving forward, we will further expand our global network by building cloud nodes while enhancing our service capabilities to support our customers across the globe in accelerating digital transformation continuously.”

Mr. Wu Xiaolei, Executive Vice President of China Telecom Global as one of the panel discussion speakers in “Hong Kong Fintech Week 2022”, covered the importance of cloud infrastructure to FSI industry

During this special occasion, Mr. Eason Cheng, Deputy Director of Cloud Core Platform of China Telecom Global, participated in the virtual Masterclass session with the theme of “Enable Digital Transformation and Cloudification from China Telecom”, leading financial leaders to capture business advantages through “cloud network integration”. He further shared forward-looking insights on the trends in today’s fintech industry as well as the ever-emerging needs demanded from enterprises, explaining how FSI industries can unleash the advantages from the cloud network resources of China Telecom Cloud under the “2+4+31+X” strategy in China and the globe. This strategy would empower key players in the FSI industry, showcasing cloud-network divergence with a robust foundation for digital transformation.

China Telecom Global hosted an interactive booth at the exhibition area to demonstrate to the industry leaders and visitors in the FSI industry, how the cloud network capabilities and one-stop finance solutions from China Telecom Global can deliver business efficiency and value to customers. Visitors can use VR technology to immerse themselves into the Tseung Kwan O Data Centre in Hong Kong and have a detailed overview of the core facilities inside the data centre.

China Telecom Global hosted an interactive booth in the venue to present innovative one-stop financial solutions to leaders in the finance industry.

China Telecom Global will continue to provide robust and reliable cloud-network infrastructure to various industries, offering competitive advantages to customers through rich global cloud-network resources and diversified technologies. Together, we build a competitive digital ecosystem and accelerate sustainable development for the society and economy.

About China Telecom Global Limited

China Telecom Corporation Limited (“China Telecom”), one of the world’s largest providers of integrated telecommunication services, has been unwaveringly strived to enhance its capabilities in maintaining its global footprints while addressing changing demands. In 2000, China Telecom established its first overseas office. In order to further enhance its global service quality and accelerating overseas business expansion, China Telecom established China Telecom Global Limited in 2012, which is headquartered in Hong Kong China. China Telecom has not only established its presence in 41 countries and regions, but also now offers services around the world to help global customers accelerate their business transformation journeys.

Leveraging its vast network resources of 53 submarine cables with 96T in intercontinental capacity and 241 Points-of-Presence (PoPs) around the world, China Telecom offers a high-performing global network for international carriers, multinational enterprises and overseas Chinese customers. China Telecom delivers a wide portfolio of high quality, integrated communications solutions, including internet direct access, internet transit, data services, broadband, unified communications, internet data centres, cloud computing, ICT services, fixed-line and mobile services, multi-domestic MVNO and global IoT connectivity service, professional services, industry solutions, telecom operation consultancy and service outsourcing.

With an agile and forward-looking spirit, innovative products and business models, and industry-leading technologies, China Telecom is dedicated to creating value for its customers in their business transformation, enabling them to achieve business growth, enhance global footprints and maintain competitive edges by digitalisation.