China Matters’ Feature: How is Dongguan’s new “super microscope” helping scientists dive deeper?

BEIJING, Oct. 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Spallation Neutron Source, or SNS, in Dongguan works by using neutron beams which are able to penetrate materials with ease and provide a clear view of the inside structure.

Dongguan’s SNS is essentially a super microscope which allow scientists to examine materials on a deeper level, like subatomic particles, without damaging their structure.

But building a SNS is no cheap endeavor, so it is safe to say that these super microscopes are few and far between. Currently, there are only four spallation neutron sources in the world.

In this video, two scientists, Tong Xin and Matthew Musgrave are working together to promote the scientific research of polarization spallation neutron. Tong and Matthew were colleagues at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in the US for years, but recently moved to Dongguan to join the research team on the spallation neutron source.

Working on the newest SNS team means that Tong and Matthew are using some of the latest tech, but it also means they are overcoming a lot of the challenges in the early stages. And for Matthew, he is not just dealing with a new job, but also a new culture, language, and lifestyle. What does this super microscope mean for the future of research? How are scientists like Matthew from the United States adjusting to a new life in Dongguan? The video produced by China Matters will offer an insight into the questions.

Contact: Zeng Wei
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