China Matters’ Feature: Dongguan as A Forefront of China’s Opening-up and Innovation

BEIJING, Oct. 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — With less than 40 years’ history as a prefecture-level city, Dongguan has witnessed the milestones of China’s historical and economic development.


180 years ago, the Opium War took place in Humen Township in Dongguan, an epoch-making event that marks an important phase of China’s modern history. In the 1970’s, Dongguan began its leapfrog development in economy and technology, in compliance with the reform and opening up policies that put China on track as an economic superpower kicked into gear. 

Located in southern China’s coastal region, Dongguan has produced one third of the world’s accessories and daily goods, and one out of six phones in the world is made from here. Today, Dongguan is transferring from the “factory of the world” to a high-end manufacturing hub that is pivoted to innovation. 

Dongguan’s Songshan Lake Science and Technology Park, as a crucial example, has been devoted to developing and applying new technology to everyday products.

Why has this city been leading the pack after all these years? How has Dongguan stayed at the forefront of Chinese history for so long? In this video, American video host Jack heads to Dongguan to find the answers.

He heads to Dongguan looking for the answer. Starting from the Humen Beach where the Opium Wars broke out, he seeks to understand the city’s spirit. At the Taiping Handbag Factory, he learns how to craft a handbag with a local worker. He wraps up his trip with a test at the lab for new zinc-based batteries that are deemed 100% safe.

Jack Klumpp
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