China International Digital Economy Expo 2023 kicks off in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province

SHIJIAZHUANG, China, Sept. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — A news report from Great Wall New Media: 

The China International Digital Economy Expo 2023 kicked off on Sept.6 at the Shijiazhuang (Zhengding) International Convention and Exhibition Center in Shijiazhuang, north China’s Hebei Province.

The 2023 China International Digital Economy Expo (CIDEE) is held from Sept 6-8 at the Shijiazhuang (Zhengding) International Convention and Exhibition Center. (Photo by Zhao Boxuan/Great Wall New Media)

With theme of “Industrial Internet Empowering Various Industries, Digital Economy Leading High-Quality Development”, the expo adheres to the unique innovative concept and strives to create a professional, exciting, and fruitful event in the field of digital economy.

Focusing on internationalization, specialization and high-end positioning, a series of activities are scheduled to be staged, which include the keynote forums, the match-making events between science and technology and capital, and international exchanges and co-operation.

Compared to previous years, this year’s expo introduced a new industrial internet core exhibition area, attracting a large number of key players in the sector and it is to showcase new technologies, products, and applications of industrial internet platforms, identification analysis, edge computing, industrial intelligence, and digital twins.

This year’s event has not only attracted globally renowned companies such as Tesla, Siemens, Huawei, and Alibaba, but also representatives from Hebei province’s digital economy sector who aim to showcase the region’s new technologies, products, and applications, demonstrate top-notch technologies and solutions in the Industrial Internet field and highlight the strong vitality of Hebei’s industrial internet development.

Cities like Shijiazhuang, Langfang, Handan, and Zhangjiakou in Hebei Province have set up their own exhibition areas showcasing their technological achievements in such fields as artificial intelligence, industrial internet, and intelligent equipment.

During the parallel forums, industrial ecology conferences, and achievement matchmaking meetings at the expo, representatives from Hebei research institutes, universities, and companies will engage in discussions with domestic and foreign industry representatives. They will diagnose and support the innovative development of Hebei’s industrial internet, and aid in the construction of a data-driven and intelligently integrated digital Hebei.

Apart from that, a series of reports and some heavyweight research results related to digital economy technology and innovation are scheduled to be released at the three-day expo.

As the first national-level digital economy exhibition in China, the previous three series attracted more than 1,000 exhibitors including Siemens, Tesla, Huawei and Alibaba. They were from the world’s top 500 enterprises, China’s top 500 enterprises, the industry’s top 100 enterprises, unicorns, and new and specialized enterprises. More than 460,000 people visited the events, and the online exhibition halls alone registered more than 7 million visits.