Charting New Frontiers: KR Konsulting Breaks New Ground in Change Consulting with Generative AI Integration in Collaboration with AI Labs powered by HokuApps

The CHANGELEADER App (available on App Store & Play Store) is taking a significant leap with AI integration into its revolutionary micro-consulting platform for Human Capital Development and Diagnostics. Soon launching in 4 countries, this transformative leap forward leverages cutting-edge artificial intelligence to support much needed upskilling and talent development providing people analytics and data driven insights through AI-Driven personalized support.

SINGAPORE, March 28, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — AI Labs powered by HokuApps, an eminent trailblazer at the forefront of cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven digital transformation services, is proud to announce its continued partnership with CHANGELEADER, a potentially first-in-world mobile app-based platform dedicated to middle-core adaptive leadership growth. CHANGELEADER’s mission is to empower the middle core within organizations in the ASEAN region to navigate difficult transformational change within their work environments, while upskilling into influencers at work.

Recognizing the transformative potential of cutting-edge technologies like generative AI and large language models, CHANGELEADER harnesses these advancements as catalysts for micro-consulting aimed at internal organizational growth. By incorporating generative AI based LLM agents into their mobile application,  clients are assured of seamless and ubiquitous access to micro-consulting guidance. The CL platform is supported by a bench of nearly a dozen specialist change consultants who continuously fuel the responses needed, allowing for an increasingly rich and contextualized  range of options for the inquirer. The amalgamation of AI and employee betterment transcends mere technological advancement, it heralds a cultural metamorphosis, fostering a workforce that is adaptive, well-informed, and self-motivated to workplace success.

In a synergistic alliance, AI Labs powered by HokuApps has built a fully functional enterprise mobility solution meticulously crafted to bolster CHANGELEADER’s capacity in catering to the surging demands for change leadership support, particularly among the pivotal cohort of middle managers. The application is strategically engineered to cultivate the influence skills of the middle core; middle managers, project managers, team leaders and supervisors to better navigate change in transforming organizations. Empowering the middle core amidst the relentless and often stormy daily operations, this transformative technology nurtures adaptive team leaders finely attuned to the demands of their organizational ecosystem.

Generative-AI enabled CHANGELEADER increases engagement, and potentially learning. The users’ ability to ubiquitously tap into the extensive and ever-growing change and adaptive leadership knowledge warehouse of consulting wisdom developed over more than a decade, provides micro-consulting capability to address commonplace issues and everyday workplace challenges.  Users are guided through contextually curated learning pathways, differentiated by situation, experience, and challenge. As a fully deployed mobility solution, CHANGELEADER utilizes generative AI agents to furnish employees with personalized learning recommendations, tailored to bridge and grow influence skills through practice. CHANGELEADER has demonstrated the fusion of perpetual learning and development initiatives with AI-driven personalized recommendations, further epitomizing the AI’s exciting value potential.

CHANGELEADER, incorporating Generative AI transcends traditional training and consulting support, transforming the employee upskilling landscape into an enriching journey of profound personal growth and exploration. No longer confined to manual, physical co-location and time-consuming training workshops, this digital Generative AI-enabled intervention enables self-directed and committed choices, underscoring empowerment. This paradigm shift towards dynamic learning pathways is instrumental in elevating employee engagement and satisfaction. After all, change is a commitment made towards success at work, and therefore only possible when the employee is able to exercise choice.

“We are excited that CHANGELEADER leverages on Generative AI. To the busy middle manager, it remains a far more favorable approach to traditional consulting as it provides the often over-worked group 24/7 access to a virtual consultant. Together with continuous data analytics and insights provided, middle managers will have the tools and techniques to cope, adapt and learn better, through real work on the ground, and most importantly based on real-time feedback. Our partnership with AI Labs powered by HokuApps has successfully enabled a low-cost model with potentially greater measured effectiveness, clearly much bigger bang for the shrinking training budgets. We are excited and anticipate high scalability and significant higher outreach to the ASEAN community,” said Kieran Kishore Karuna, Managing Director, and Head of Analytics at CHANGELEADER.

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