CGTN: China and UAE collaboration for a shared future

BEIJING, Nov. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — China and the United Arab Emirates’ diplomatic ties are nearing four decades, but their economic and cultural ties go back far deeper, in the times of the ancient Silk Road. Stationing in Beijing since 2017, Ali Al Dhaheri, the UAE’s Ambassador to China, has extensive insights into China’s development.


H.E. Dhaheri speaks highly of remarkable achievements China made in the past decade in improving people’s livelihood and maintaining long-range economic growth. Today, China has become a powerhouse for global growth and a hub for technological innovation. In his opinion, China’s success is unprecedented and a testament of CPC’s firm leadership.

According to H.E. Dhaheri, China’s enormous and positive changes are not only taking place in cities but also villages. In his trip to Malipo county, Yunnan Province, he saw singing and dancing villagers live in happiness and satisfaction. This experience left him deep understanding of China’s approach of poverty alleviation which he believes is a model for other developing countries to emulate. In addition, he believes that as China is laying out an ambitious blueprint for future transformation with its Fourteenth Five-Year Plan, the country’s high quality development will be truly historic with positive repercussions throughout the world.

H.E. Dhaheri says, as Comprehensive Strategic Partners, the UAE and China share similar development paths, concepts, and goals. And their partnership has many milestones. One is healthcare, especially manufacturing a new vaccine in the UAE in collaboration. This partnership can therefore serve as a model for developing countries to explore paths to modernization.

China is the UAE’s largest trading partner, and the UAE is China’s largest non-oil trading partner in the Middle East and North Africa. The latter is also among the first countries to join the Belt and Road Initiative, reviving the ancient Silk Road ties. The two countries benefit from strong mutual trust, multilateralism, and international collaboration.

H.E. Dhaheri stresses that countries around the world should remain committed to a shared vision of commonality, comprehensiveness, and cooperation. He expects more cooperation between the UAE and China in the future, and he himself, is delighted to be a bridge builder between the two countries and the two peoples.